Photo Review 02: Bandai Go-Busters Candy Toy Model Kits

4 05 2012

I’m not known for collecting Super Sentai Mechs/Robots mainly cause they’re too big and expensive. With the lastest 2012 Super Sentai series called Go-Busters, I really liked the robots that are used in the show but I didn’t want to spend a big wad of cash to own the really nice versions of the toys. The alternative were these candy toy model kits from Bandai. Each are about $10 each. Include simple color plastic runners with mech parts you need to cut off and snap together. Each kit takes about 30 minutes to build and apply the stickers. Once you’re done you end with robots from the show.

In vehicle mode, they look great. No articulation like spinning wheels.

They look best in animal mode. Articulating parts include the gorilla hands, cheetah’s limbs and tail, and rabbit feet and ears.

For Go-Buster Ace robot form, rotation parts include the head, arms, shoulders, elbows, hands, legs, knees, and feet. This is about 5 inches tall.

When Go-Buster Oh is formed, the articulation is similar to Go-Buster Ace. This stands 7 inches tall.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the more expensive Go-Buster robot toys, these aren’t it. In animal and vehicle modes, they look pretty good. The main problem is in robot modes. Parts tend to fall off as you articulate very loose joints. The worst robot form is Go-Buster Oh. Due to complex design, it’s difficult to articulate because parts are blocking each other. Another problem are the stickers. They don’t firmly attach to the plastic. I imagine in warm to hot room temperatures, these stickers would really peel off. 2.5 out 5 is my rating on these.






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