R222 Maxfactory Figma Berserk Griffith Action Figure Review

26 08 2012

The leader of the Band of the Hawk joins the Figma Action Figure series. From the popular anime/manga Berserk is the white haired Griffith. One of the most impressive sculpted figures in Figma history. Sporting very detailed amour and accessories, this figure is simply amazing. Standing about 6 inches tall, includes extra hand sets, alternate face, helmet, and sword. Great plastic quality and articulation using the Figma articulation system. Sells for about $60 (eBay)

R221 Bandai S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Meteor Action Figure Review

25 08 2012

Make way for the transfer student from Subaruboshi High School. As Kamen Rider Meteor (Ryusei Sakuta), this no nonsense rider isn’t out to make friends but to simply punish those vile Zodiarts plaguing Amanogawa High School. Equipped with his Meteor Driver and Meteor Galaxy, Kamen Rider Meteor is more than ready to dish out the punishment with Bruce Lee-like skill. Figure includes various extra hands, alternate versions of the Meteor Driver and Meteor Driver, & 2 versions of the Hulashake Foodroid. Sells for about $40 (amazon, eBay).

Weekly Update 8-21-2012: New Haul of Action Figures

21 08 2012

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these here at hdtoytheater.com…

Here’s some photos of some recent figures I picked up. Only Figures highlighted in red will get video reviews, the others are maybes.

Griffith (Figma: Berserk Series)

Kamen Rider Meteor (Bandai S.H. Figuarts)

Thor (Hasbro Marvel Legends SDCC Exclusive 2011)

Superman-New 52 Version (Mattel DC All-Stars)

Superboy Prime (Mattel DC All-Stars)

Batman-New 52 Version (Mattel DC All-Stars)

Red Robin-Tim Drake (Mattel DC All-Stars)

Gundam Age HG 1/144 Dark Hound

Gundam Seed HG 1/144 M-1 Astray (Customized Repaint)

Lastly, upcoming figures I’m trying to get my hands on: S.H. Figuarts Jetman Redhawk, Ultra-Act Ultraman Max and Zoffy (incredibly hard to find for under $50)

R220 Bandai S.H. Figuarts Shinkenger Power Rangers Samurai Hyper Shinken Red Action Figure Review

18 08 2012

By combining the Kyoryu disc with his Shinkenmaru, Hyper Shinken Red is born. Using the same body sculpt as the previously released Super Shinken Red, this version sports a red cost. He includes extra hands, the Kyoryu disc, Kyoryumaru sword, and shadophone in brush mode. It is a Tamashii Exclusice and sells for about $75.

R219 DC Direct Batman Hush series 1: Huntress Action Figure Review

11 08 2012

Going back to the mid 2000’s, this Huntress figure debuted as part of the Batman Hush series 1 action figure line from DC Direct. Stands about 6 inches, this figure is based off the designs of comic legend Jim Lee. The Huntress sports a sexy redesigned costume, nice long flexible cape, removable bow staff, handgun, and stylish pose. Definitely a figure that holds up in the looks department in this day and age of action figure collecting.

R218 DC Collectibles The New 52 Justice League Green Lantern Hal Jordan Action Figure Review

11 08 2012

DC Collectibles introduces the hero of Coast City to the New 52 Era with Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). Standing at 7 inches tall and design off the art of Jim Lee, this is one great sculpted figure. Sporting a shiny paint palette, this figure is a definite stand out on anyone’s shelf. Goes for about $20 and available now at local US comic shops.