Adventures in Toy Shopping: Star Wars the Clone Wars Battle Packs: Darth Maul Returns

9 09 2012

Welcome to a new feature I decided to start here on the blog page I’m calling Adventures in Toy Shopping, which basically means me finding cool toys in-person at the stores.

For this entry, I made my way to Target on a very late Sunday afternoon after watching my San Francisco 49ers beating the Green Bay Packers and San Fransisco Giants beating the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Needed to do a little grocery shopping for breakfast and lunch. For me, it’s very hard to find cool toys on a weekend because stores get very crowded but I lucked out. Strolling into the action figure section, there was bunch of special sales going on for every Hasbro toyline on display – Transformers, Avengers, Spider-Man, and Star Wars. Most of what I saw were 3.75″ figures. I recently decided to stay away for that scale and just focus on 6″ scale figures so nothing really special stood out except for a familiar Sith Lord giving a me an evil look. Glancing towards the Star Wars section, specifically the vehicle shelf was a Star Wars Battle Pack peaking its head behind a Jedi Starfighter entitled Darth Maul Returns. OMG! It was the Clone Wars version of the returning Darth Maul along with Savage Opress and Mother Talzin (Night Sister). Despite being a 3.75″ scale 3 pack, I instantly grabbed it, dropped it into my shopping basket and made my way to checkout. I really didn’t care how much it cost and didn’t bother to check the shelf price tag but I figured $29.99. To my surprise it was $19.99.

After getting home, popping on NFL network in the background, I took a closer look at my purchase. First off it’s a Target Store Exclusive. Secondly, this is the 1st Darth Maul and Talzin figures in the Clone Wars toyline. I have no intention of opening this up, they look so good in packaging and will mostly be worth a lot if I hold on to it. I suspect this Battle Pack just hit the shelves so if you’re a fan starting hunting. Check out the photos below.

front shot

back shot

The title of this battle pack says it all.

Darth Maul sports an awesome sculpt. Interesting lightsaber.

Card never mentions her real name – just Nightsister.

This Savage Opress looks to be a reused mold originally released in single card format.

Closer look at the back product photo.




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