US Versions of Tamashii Nation Figures get no Bonus Parts

21 09 2012

Some of you out there may know this already but it’s worth mentioning. Some 1st Editions releases of  Tamashii Nations figures which include S.H. Figuarts, D-Arts, Ultra-Act, Monster Arts, etc. sometimes include free bonus parts. A couple of examples include Gokai Red & Ultraman Gaia V2. Gokai Red include the Steering Wheel for the Gokai-Oh while Ultraman Gaia V2 include debris effect parts. These extras usually come in separate packaging of their own. Another thing to note is these 1st edition bonus releases are only available in Japan and Hong Kong. That there lies the problem for US releases. That kind of separate packaging wouldn’t work when distributed in the US through Blue Fin – the official US company bringing over Tamashii Nation figures. A new kind of packaging would have to be made to contain everything in one which I highly doubt would ever come to pass unless Bandai knew they could sell enough of them to justify the cost.

With newly released Jetman Red Hawk in Japan, things are a bit different. The Japanese release of this figure will include the bonus Akibaranger Jetwinger which is actually packaged with the figure rather than separately. Thanks to cstoysjapan’s recent video review, the US release won’t get this part. I was shocked. The only reason I could think of the Jetwinger being taken out is it would confuse the US buyer who probably has no clue about the Akibaranger release. I already pre-ordered the figure and found myself quickly calling my source to cancel my order. Thanks to the convenience of the internet I quickly ordered the overseas version which arrived today. Video Review to come.




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