Weekly Update: 11/28/2012 Busy, Busy, Busy

28 11 2012

It’s that time of year when we all get busy with Christmas shopping and parties. Got a lot things to video review but not much time to do them. So don’t expect a video review every week for this month like I normally do. Coming up is Kotobukiya DC Comics Harley Quinn Bishoujo statue. I got a few other figures waiting in the wings for video reviews but I don’t want to announce them just yet…well maybe one 😀

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Hasbro Marvel Legends Steve Rogers

27 11 2012

Another tough figure to find in the Marvel Legends is Steve Rogers. The former Captain America (at the time) donned a new uniform and became more of a secret agent than a star spangled Avenger.

Awesome packaging by Hasbro with art by Ed McGuinness.

The figure is awesome. Cool looking costume, nice colors, and great looking head sculpt.

He includes his shield and 2 handguns.

Shield can peg into his back.

If you’re a Cap fan this is one for you.


Adventures in Toy Shopping: Hasbro Marvel Legends Big Time Spider-Man

27 11 2012

The hardest of the Hasbro’s Arnim Zola Marvel Legends series is this Big Time Spider-Man. It’s been months since it 1st released and I spotted one the shelf at my local Target.

Box is very cool and I love the Spidey illustration by Ed McGuinness.

Overall, this figure sports a very green than black Spider-Man.

A closer look at his spider logos. You can also see the overpowering green that surrounds the logos. That color should be black in my opinion.

Much of this figure uses older parts like from the Black Spider-Man from the Target Exclusive Red Hulk series. The new parts are the head, forearms, hands, lower legs, and feet.

Model Kit Building: Wave 1/100 Macross VF-1S Battroid Roy Focker Special Model Kit

24 11 2012

A few times a year, I’ll get into building a Japanese model kit. Usually its a Bandai Gundam kit. This time, I got my hands on the Wave 1/100 Macross VF-1S Battroid Roy Focker Special Model Kit priced at about $35. The runners are few in number and the kit is really ease to build. A nice plus is the battroid can be converted in gerwalk (guardian) mode with a bit of part swapping. Applying the waterslide decals is pain in the ass…they aren’t made of the best material, cut with too much extra clear material, and can flake off pretty easily after drying. The articulation is descent but don’t expect true action figure posing like you would get with Bandai’s HG Models or Robot Spirits action figure series. This kit looks best in a standing pose. I reworked the colors with black and blue trims in honor of Max Sterling, my favorite Macross character. Added some weather and black panel lining and ended up with a model I’m kinda happy with.

I wouldn’t recommend this kit. The 12 inch tall box is really misleading when you end up with 6 inch battroid which is really 5 inches if you ignore the gunpod antennas on his head. The sculpt really nice, I mean really nice and I’m OK with the limited range of motion in the elbows and knees. The decals really are the worst part of this kit because they are so terrible to work with. I won’t even dare to convert this into gerwalk mode at this point in fear the decals will flake off. If you plan to pick this up just know what you’re getting into with my comments on this kit. Your better off painting in the details rather than using the waterslide decals that come with this kit.

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Black Friday 2012: Grab Zags Marvel Minis Ultimate Spider-Man

24 11 2012

As you might expect, Black Friday was filled with big crowds and long lines at pretty much every big name store. I did most of my shopping on Amazon. Just out of shear curiosity, me and my cousin decide to hit a few stores. First stop was Gamestop at around 11am. Pretty crowded but the lined moved rather timely. Next up was Toysrus. Place was like tornado hit it. It was just a big mess and the line was so long I decided to hold off what I intended to buy. Walked over to Best Buy and that place was even worse. Decided to head home and chill out a bit. Did some more online shopping and realized I missed a few presents. Hit up Gamestop and Toysrus again. Lines were long but they moved pretty well. Even the clerks who checked me out seemed to be friendly and up beat at the 8pm hour. While I was in line at Toysrus, I spotted these little 1″ Grab Zag Minis Ultimate Spider-Man blind pack figures. They looked pretty good from the product shots on the packaging and are priced at $2.99. Because they are blinded pack figures its difficult to know what you’re getting. The figure inside is actually sandwiched with 2 cardboard sheets to make it a bit difficult to feel up the bag for the figure you want.

To my luck, I scored the figure I wanted : Spider-Man

As mentioned, the figure stands about 1″ tall.

The figure comes with a deep gray stand with a clear plastic poll. One end pegs into the stand and the other into the back of the figure. I especially like the official Ultimate Spider-Man logo on the stand.

The figure is sculpted very nicely, reminds of  the Japanese Super-Deformed cartoon style. The paint apps are a bit messy but what do you expect for something so small. I like the fact the web are black panel-lined.

Next to my G.I.Joe Storm Shadow, you can really get sense of scale. It’s an awesome little figure, perfect next to a computer monitor. I just might pick up a few more.

R235 Square Enix Play Arts Kai: Metal Gear Solid: Meryl Silverburgh Action Figure Review

18 11 2012

The daring Meryl Silverburgh joins Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Solid action figure series. This 9″ figure is beautifully sculpted and has multiple points of articulation for a great range of dynamic posing. She comes with extra hands, handgun, and dagger. Available now (11/14/2012) in the US at local comic shops and online toy sellers.

R234 DC Collectibles Justice League Wonder Woman New 52 Action Figure Review

17 11 2012

Straight out of the pages of Justice League comic book comes the Amazon Princess Wonder Woman. Standing about 6.5″ tall, she comes highly detailed based off designs by comic legend Jim Lee. Includes is a short sword. Priced at about $20, available on eBay, Amazon, and most US comic stores.