Today’s Arrival: Toysrus Hasbro Masterpiece Optimus Prime

13 11 2012

Thanks to a heads up from my buddy, I was able to order Toysrus exclusive Hasbro Masterpiece Optimus Prime from ($130.04 (w/tax, free shipping)).

Out of package he’s everything you remember if you were a child of the 80’s. Truck mode has a flawless classic look. The trailer opens up in the back to reveal roller. Notice the little Spike Witwicky figure.

Of course, the trailer converts to battle station mode with all the classic elements.

A third mode for the trailer in repair bay mode.

In this mode, you can store your weapons on the walls.

Prime’s chest opens up to reveal the Matrix of Leadership

Here’s a couple of full body shots of the Autobot Leader.

Lastly, a battle-axe effect part clips right over a hand of your choice. Bring it Megatron!







2 responses

27 02 2013
chris karapas

Hi thre how u doin I’m just inquiring bout the Hasbro mp optimus prime ,I understand that most of them are sold out would u happen to know if I could possibly still order him or know where I Can get him with reasonable pricing of course. Any info at all would be greatly appreciated

27 02 2013

I got mine from U might wanna try or amazon too but id bet the price is well over $120 by now. Good luck

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