Adventures in Toy Shopping: Mattel WWE Elite Series 18: Sin Cara

1 12 2012

Here’s one figure I’ve been hunting for awhile.  For some odd reason, NEW Mattel WWE figures take forever to hit a retail compared to They must have some special deal going on with Mattel. Anyways, here’s the Elite series 18 Sin Cara. I have the basic version and not only do you get a better figure with more articulation points but there are tiny variations in paints apps to point out.

Packaging is simple and to the point. Using more white on packaging is just a nice thing to see if done right.

Mattel WWE Elite Series 18 Sin Cara 01

His accessory is a gold sleeve-less jacket. It’s closes and opens up in the front thanks to double peg system inside the jacket. Pretty cool, rubber-like feel and easily removable.


Once you take off the jacket, you can really take advantage of his articulation. The ab rock, ball jointed legs, and thigh swivels are always nice extra points to have. The head doesn’t have much up and down range but you do get 360 rotation with the ball joint it uses. The ankles don’t quit rock enough side to side to get really wide stance poses with the feet looking pleasing to the eye. That’s just a universal problem with all the WWE Elite figures. All the joints are pretty tight so playing around with him should be done to loosen them up.


Side by side with his basic series counter part is interesting. Scale is the same but you can really notice how articulation can factor in playability.

Mattel WWE Elite Series 18 Sin Cara 04

Note the different paint apps in the wrist gear. The slight addition of a black stroke really makes the design pop.


With his mask, note the silver included on the Elite version. It really helps the design of the mask.


This figure is simply awesome and clearly much better than the basic version in design and of course articulation. He’s the tougher of the figures to find in series 18 but so happy hunting.

Mattel WWE Elite Series 18 Sin Cara 07




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