Adventures in Toy Shopping: Big Haul Today

13 02 2013

I get asked a lot by viewers is how can I afford the hobby of toy collecting. Well the simple answer is I sell off older toys I just don’t care for. I’ve been collecting for a long time so i have vast stock of action figures that I find could use a new home. Rarely do i need to spend extra cash to buy something new that I want.

So went to Target and Toysrus and picked up some new additions (no video reviews on these).

1st up is Bandai’s Power Rangers Megaforce 7″ Armored Ultra Mode Red Ranger ($19.99)

Bandai Power Rangers Megaforce Ultra Mode Armored Red Ranger

Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutagen Ooze Tossin’ Raphael ($8.99 Target). This one was an experimental buy to see if I could do a head swap. You can!

Playmates TMNT Raph

Got a mini non-transformable Rescue Bot Optimus Prime ($2.99 Toysrus) that comes in a small bag. You’ll have to walk over to the boys section rather than the action figure section to find him. A nice desktop figure. Also snagged the Hasbro Transformers WFC Ultra Magnus ($14.99 Target). Nice repaint of the previously release Optimus Prime version. Digging the extra sword he comes with.

rescue optimus and Magnus

Target had the newest Hasbro Transformers Beast Hunters Voyager Class figures. Passed on Optimus Prime because of that horrible head sculpt but Predaking ($19.99) looked very cool.


Toysrus had the very cool Batman/Superman/Killer Croc 3 pack. I passed on it but I’m probably gonna pick it up at the end of week. All the figures look very cool.

batman superman croc



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