R260 Bandai S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Fourze Virgo Zodiarts Action Figure Review

20 03 2013

Kamen Rider Fourze has some of best villain designs I’ve ever seen. This is the Virgo Zodiarts. The design and sculpting on this figure is just mind-blowing. Includes extra hands, Zodiarts switch, attachable wings, weapon staff, and attachable robe. Stands about 5.5 inches tall and is highly pose-able. This is a Tamashii Web exclusive so Virgo is about twice as much as your typical S.H. Figuarts action figure. Goes for about $75 (eBay).

R259 Square Enix Play Arts Kai Batman Arkham City Catwoman Action Figure Review

18 03 2013

Based off the hit Batman Arkham City video game, here’s the 8 inches tall Catwoman, includes extra hands, alternate head, and trademark whip. About $60 (Amazon or local comic shops).

R258 Square Enix Play Arts Kai Halo 4 Master Chief Action Figure Review

17 03 2013

Square Enix strikes again with this awesome 9″ Master Chief from the Halo 4 video game. Sporting an amazing sculpt, kick ass paint job, this could be THE BEST Master Chief ever made. Includes a plasma pistol, assault rifle and a display stand. Priced at about $60 (eBay, Amazon, bigbadtoystore.com).

R257 DC Collectibles Batman Arkham City Nightwing Action Figure Review

16 03 2013

DC Collectibles releases Nightwing into their Batman Arkham City action figure line. Nightwing sports a video game accurate design and comes equipped 2 night sticks. Standing about 6 inches tall, made of good tough plastic, does DC Collectibles deliver with this knight of Gotham City? Can it measure up to Mattel’s DC Classics line? Watch to find out. Priced at about $24.99 and available through most US comic shops.

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Mattel DC Unlimited Wave 2: New 52 Wonder Woman

12 03 2013

Another buy I found at my local Target was the newest version of Wonder Woman from the New 52 universe. Courtesy of Mattel, this figure comes in the new DC Unlimited packaging.

DC Unlimited New 52 Wonder Woman 01

Sporting her new design, this figure really does have a refreshing modernized look to the Amazon warrior we know and love.

DC Unlimited New 52 Wonder Woman 02

Her limbs are pretty much reused parts from the previous released DC Classics Wonder Woman. The head sculpt and torso are all new parts. The blue and red are darker. The lasso is a nice bright gold and she’s accented by very nice silver trims. Note the crisp looking WW logo on her left bicep.

DC Unlimited New 52 Wonder Woman 03

Here she stands next to the previous released DC Classics Wonder Woman. Notice the head is smaller and better proportioned with the body.  The shoulders are smaller and less ball-like.

DC Unlimited New 52 Wonder Woman 05

Here shes stands next to DC Collectibles version of the New 52 Wonder Woman. There’s an obvious size difference but I feel the sculpt is better with the Mattel version. Also note the Mattel sword is better in design.

DC Unlimited New 52 Wonder Woman 06

She comes with a short sword that can be stored on this small loop on the back of her belt.

DC Unlimited New 52 Wonder Woman 04

The articulation is pretty much the same as the previous released DC Classics Wonder Woman except for the high ab swivel instead of an ab crunch. I really recommend this lady. She has a good sculpt/design and fairly descent articulation for a female action figure. Sells for about $14.99 at retail (Target, Toysrus).

DC Unlimited New 52 Wonder Woman 07

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Mattel DC Unlimited Wave 2: Injustice Batman

12 03 2013

Stopped by my local Target and spotted the newest wave of DC Unlimited action figures. This is Batman from the Injustice video game.


The design may not appeal at 1st glance but I have to admit its very impressive action figure in-hand.


The paint job is amazing and very metallic.



The figure lack eyes which kinda seems odd compared to the video game design which has them. I think what bugs me most about them is there roundness. I would have preferred angrier sculpted ones.


This figure really fails when it comes to articulation. There is no bicep or waist swivel. There is a swivel above the abs but its tight and limited by the sculpt. Single jointed elbows and knees only allow for 90 degree bends which really don’t help for dynamic posing.  The last disappointment which was kinda of expected was no ankle tilt. All the other typical Mattel points of articulation are there.


He does scale with other DC Classics/DC Unlimited figures by Mattel. Here he is next to Mattel’s New 52 Batman. I would strongly stay away from this figure. He seems very lacking in the articulation department and just doesn’t seem worth the retail price of $14.99.


Today’s Arrival: Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Princess Adora

12 03 2013

Completing my versions of MOTU Classic She-Ra is Adora. She comes in the typical MOTU Classic packaging with the Princess of Power official logo added on.

Masters of the Univers Adora 01

Sculpted to perfection by the Four Horsemen, this figure sports a very beautiful rendition of the lost child from Eternia.

Masters of the Univers Adora 02

What’s different about this figure compared to her cartoon version design is the short mini skirt. The version in the show was more of a leotard. This design change allows her to spread the legs wider for better dynamic posing.

Masters of the Univers Adora 05

Her weapons include her Power Sword and blaster.

Masters of the Univers Adora 03

The blaster can be stored in a removable belt.

Masters of the Univers Adora 04

She looks amazing next to She-Ra. Note the similar body type and facial sculpt features.

Masters of the Univers Adora 06

I very much recommend this figure to MOTU fans. This is the 1st version of Adora in action figure form and is simply stunning to have in hand. Sells for about $30.

Masters of the Univers Adora 07