Today’s Arrival: Masters of the Universe Battleground Teela

5 03 2013

Due to my sudden interest in She-Ra, I noticed there was a new version of Teela in this blonde version called Battleground Teela as I was browsing at the MOTU Classic figures from Mattel. She reminded me of Conan and Red Sonja so much that I had to get her. She comes in the typical MOTU Classics packaging.

MOTU Battleground Teela 01

Her design is amazing. She has a muscular body type in this very barbarian style outfit.

MOTU Battleground Teela 02

Her face sculpt screams tough girl. Loving the design of hair.

MOTU Battleground Teela 03

MOTU Battleground Teela 04

Her attire is mainly just gold and brown.

MOTU Battleground Teela 05

She includes a simple sword and hand blaster.

MOTU Battleground Teela 06

All the needed points of articulation are there expect for a thigh swivel. Still, you can get her in dynamic stances. I highly recommend her if you’re a fan of MOTU or just girls who look like they can kick major @ss. Priced at about $30

MOTU Battleground Teela 07

Here she is next to Sorceress and She-Ra. Awesome 🙂

MOTU Ladies




One response

26 02 2014
Mysterious One

Well, well, who would have that that “toy” would like Adora and She-Ra?

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