Today’s Arrival: Masters of the Universe Bubble Power She-Ra

5 03 2013

I found myself Saturday afternoon bored out of my mind and decided to watch She-Ra for the 1st time on Netflix. I was majorly impressed by the 5 part opening storyline. I didn’t realize her design was so simplistic and beautiful. After browsing a little bit more on Youtube, I found out Mattel released a 2.0 version in the MOTU Classics line known as the Bubble Power She-Ra. I already own the 1.0 version and was really excited to get my hands on the 2.0 which sported more articulation along with a new feature set.

Packaging is in the standard MOTU Classics style. Very cool that the official Princess of Power logo is present on the lower area.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 01

Out of packaging, she shines.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 02

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 03

She features a clip-on reversible head dress that can be removed and applied upside down for a mask look.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 04

She has a new golden power sword with a pink translucent piece of plastic. Here it is next to the original sword.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 05

She also comes with the same shield but in a brighter gold and a pink translucent jewel.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 06

She includes Axe Comb?

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 15

Her final accessory is her Bubble Blaster.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 07

Her vest is removable.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 12

Comparing to the 1st version you’ll note they are equal in scale.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 08

Looking closer, she sports a much whiter dress and differently designed golden elements all over her body.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 09

Notice her cape is all gold. She also now has a slight along both sides of the skirt.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 10

Gold is also brighter when compared to the 1.0 version.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 11

You can part swap and create the She-Ra you want if you own the 1st version. I’ve taken her cape, weapons and head off version 1.0 and put them on the new body. I now have the perfect She-Ra of my liking.


Her articulation has improved with the addition of high thigh swivels. Those slights I pointed out earlier allow the legs to spread out more.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 13

Here’s She-Ra doing her impersonation of Chun Li.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 14

Overall, I think Bubble Power She-Ra is a must have. There’s just enough new features to justifiy owning this figure again if you own the previous She-Ra. I should mention this version is the one to get if you plan to get her unicorn pal Swift Wind because of the improved articulation. Priced at about $30.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 16




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