Adventures in Toy Shopping: Mattel DC Unlimited Wave 2: Injustice Batman

12 03 2013

Stopped by my local Target and spotted the newest wave of DC Unlimited action figures. This is Batman from the Injustice video game.


The design may not appeal at 1st glance but I have to admit its very impressive action figure in-hand.


The paint job is amazing and very metallic.



The figure lack eyes which kinda seems odd compared to the video game design which has them. I think what bugs me most about them is there roundness. I would have preferred angrier sculpted ones.


This figure really fails when it comes to articulation. There is no bicep or waist swivel. There is a swivel above the abs but its tight and limited by the sculpt. Single jointed elbows and knees only allow for 90 degree bends which really don’t help for dynamic posing.  The last disappointment which was kinda of expected was no ankle tilt. All the other typical Mattel points of articulation are there.


He does scale with other DC Classics/DC Unlimited figures by Mattel. Here he is next to Mattel’s New 52 Batman. I would strongly stay away from this figure. He seems very lacking in the articulation department and just doesn’t seem worth the retail price of $14.99.





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