Hasbro Transformers Beast Hunter Voyager Optimus Prime with Custom Faceplate

22 04 2013

This figure I intentional held off from buying until I heard how Takara Tomy was going to handle their release with their Transformer Go! series. They ended up going with slightly lighter colored red and blue and changed all the translucent green parts to translucent blue. The real important factor to me was whether their version would have a faceplate head sculpt instead of the mouth version. For me,  MY Optimus Prime figure must have the face plate head. The going price would probably be around $60 with shipping if I decided to go that route. Decided to just go with the US version and handle the face plate myself with non-dry putt.

Though not perfect, I did the best I could to mold a face plate on to the figure. I used just a little of the putty and shaped it with a toothpick and xacto knife. It’s definitely not sleek and hard edged but I get the look I generally want.

Beast Hunters Voyager Optimus Prime Face Plate 02

At a distance, which is generally the view I’ll see this guy the most when looking on my shelf , he looks good. I’m glad the gray of the putty matches the gray used on areas like on the biceps. To add a little extra to the figure, I used a couple of Autobot stickers from Reprolabels.com on the shoulders.

Beast Hunters Voyager Optimus Prime Face Plate 01

Though not the perfect solution, it works for me. In the future, I hope that a 3rd party company has alternate head in the works or at least an attachable face plate to stick on.

Beast Hunters Voyager Optimus Prime Face Plate 03

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Super Heroes a plenty :)

22 04 2013

Over the weekend, I found myself at the mall and wandered into the Disney Store. To my surprise, I spotted Marvel Select figures for $24 each. They apparently carry exclusive Avengers figures. Had to grab Captain America and Black Widow.

Cap comes with a special display stand and his trademark Shield. His face sculpt is very much based off art by John Cassaday, an artist who has drawn him in past comics.

Marvel Select Captain America

Black Widow has a very classic hairdo and beautiful face. Unfortunately she has a few problems. She’s isn’t black but in a metallic like purple spy suit. It’s a nice paint job but she hardly feels like the “Black Widow” with this paint scheme. Both her hands are molded with a gun gesture but she has no guns. Weird. Lastly, her hips are bit skinny for my taste and you lose that sexy look the Black Widow is know for having. You get a custom debris style base with some broken parts of Ultron and little Ant-Man figure.

Marvel Select Black Widow

Not to out due my Marvel findings, walked into my local Target and spotted a couple of Mattel DC Unlimited figures. First up is the New 52 design of Aquaman. His design is just awesome with good looking head sculpt, updated design and very size-able trident.

Mattel DC Unlimited Aquaman New 52

Got the Injustice (Regime) Superman. The figure has a very nice design but his articulation is very lacking. Feels like DC Direct figure. I really like how they pulled off the shoulder pads with the cape underneath. I used the custom base that came with the Marvel Select Captain America for special photo with Superman on top of it.

Mattel DC Unlimited Regmine Superman

And if your wondering what he looks like next to the Injustice Batman here you go 🙂

Mattel DC Unlimited Regime Superman & Insurgency Batman

R262 Bandai Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Super Legends White Ranger Review

20 04 2013

Released in 2008 Bandai America as a chase figure within the Power Rangers Jungle Fury 6″ series. Sporting a very nice color palette and show accurate design, the White Ranger has never looked so good. He comes with his trust talking sword Saba. His articulation is limited but you get enough for descent posing. He’s tough to find these and your best bet will most likely be online auction sites like eBay.


R261 Taito Prize UFO Sword Art Online Asuna Yuuki PVC Figure Statue

20 04 2013

Sword Art Online fans rejoice! Finally, an awesome statue of fan-favorite character Asuna Yuuki has been released. Standing just under 7 inches tall, this PVC statue is very nicely sculpted and goes for a reasonable price of about $40 (imageanime.com, eBay). Features a custom display base along with her sword and sheath. “The Flash” has never looked so good.

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Tuesday Morning Finds

2 04 2013

Stopped by my local Target today and picked up a few things since a lot of Hasbro brands were on sale.

First up some Transformers Prime Cyberverse figures. Found new bulkier Optimus Prime, Predaking, and Airachnid.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Optimus Prime

Hasbro Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predaking  Airahnid

Picked up some G.I Joe Retaliation movie figures. Roadblock has an awesome head sculpt of the Rock and some really cool weapon accessories.

Hasbro G.I. Joe Retaliation Battle-Kata Roadblock

This line is heavy with various types of ninjas and the Cyber ninja has got to be one of the top ones. Don’t know if he shows up in the movie (haven’t seen it yet) but he has a really cool design and color scheme.

Hasbro G.I. Joe Retaliation Cyber Ninja

And just for fun, nabbed a 5 figure set of the Micro Force series. They’re rubber based figures and have a fun sculpt.

Hasbro G.I. Joe Micro Force

Here’s the Mirco Force next to the Retaliation Movie Snake Eyes for a size comparison.

G.I. Joe Micro Force vs Retaliation Movie Snake Eyes