Adventures in Toy Shopping: Hasbro Transformers Generations: Deluxe Class: Orion Pax

7 08 2013

I can’t remember Hasbro ever releasing a Orion Pax version of Optimus Prime but this guy is definitely a welcome edition to my Transformers collection.

orion pax 01

Orion Pax is based off the IDW comics universe. The figure includes a reprint of Transformers Spotlight comic featuring Orion Pax

orion pax 02

He comes in his typical colors. His vehicle mode is sporty looking truck.

orion pax 03

In robot mode, he has very youthful design.

Hasbro Transformers Generation Orion Pax 00

His head sculpt features no mouth guard.

orion pax 05

He has very sizable energon axe that can be mounted on the side of his vehicle mode.

orion pax 06

In robot mode, the axe compliments Orion very well.

orion pax 07

His blaster has elements of his classic G1 gun but a little more compact.

orion pax 08

This figure is great all around. Good design in both modes, highly articulated, and clever in transformation (About $14.99, Target).

orion pax 04






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