Adventures in Toy Shopping: McFarlane Toys Assassin’s Creed Connor Action Figure

9 08 2013

Was at Toysrus and spotted McFarlane Toy’s Assassin’s Creed Action Figure line.

McFarlane Assassins Creed Connor 01

I was pretty amazed with these. The sculpting is very impressive.McFarlane Assassins Creed Connor 02

For Connor, his weapons set his pretty vast: Bow, Axe, 2 Pistols, and a hidden blade attachment.

McFarlane Assassins Creed Connor 03

McFarlane Assassins Creed Connor 04

McFarlane Assassins Creed Connor 05

You also get a download code for exclusive game content for the AC3 game.

McFarlane Assassins Creed Connor 06

The figure’s articulation uses ball hinges. While that sounds great, what really hurts this figure is the tail area of the coat. Its super tough and makes dynamic legs poses pretty much impossible. The price point is also another turn off, at least at Toysrus ($16.99!?!)

McFarlane Assassins Creed Connor 07




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