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Welcome to the Official Blog Page of HD Toy Theater, the toy review channel dedicated to the coolest toys from the US as well as Japan. Expect to see reviews on toys with great sculpting, articulation, and quality. Feel free to browse through the video upload library, read through the blog posts, and leave comments.

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4 responses

13 10 2014
Kurt Tong

Hi, I’m an online toy store owner. I’m wondering if you are interested in some kind of commercial cooperation with us. E.g. we sponsor you toys and other compensations and you mention us on your videos. If you are interested please let us know. My email address is: Kurt@BRToys.com, and you can also call me directly @ 440-655-3181. Thanks! Kurt

18 10 2014

I used to do this a few years ago. I can include a still graphic at the beginning and end of a review and also mention in the review you are the sponser, much like a how a lot of reviews are sponsored by bigbadtoystore. I typically review things I like personally. Let me know what you think.

25 12 2015
Mysterious One

Konnichiwa. I just want to tell you this:

“Domo arigato for taking the initiative to blog about as many collectibles as you.

Well, have a merry Christmas.”

29 12 2015
Mysterious One

Oops. I forgot to put “could” after “you.” My apologies.

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