R245 Bandai D-Arts The King of Fighters 94 Fatal Fury Terry Bogard Action Figure Review

10 02 2013

Terry Bogard is one SNK most popular characters as the lead hero the Fatal Fury fighting game franchise. Terry also took part in the King of Fighters 94 game franchise from which this figure is based on. He stands 6 inches tall, very nicely sculpted, and sports S.H. Figuarts articulation. Terry comes with a very impressive amount of accessories: extra hands & effect parts for signature moves. Priced at about $45 (Amazon, eBay), this may be the best action figure based on a fighting game character to date when it comes to a figure and accessories.

Bandai D-Arts Terry Bogard 01

Bandai D-Arts Terry Bogard 03

Bandai D-Arts Terry Bogard 05

Bandai D-Arts Terry Bogard 04

Bandai D-Arts Terry Bogard 06

Bandai D-Arts Terry Bogard 07

Adventures in Toy Shopping & Today’s Arrivals : A lot more than Usual

6 02 2013

1st off, stopped by my local Toysrus and spotted series 1 of Hasbro’s Ultimate Spider-Man 6″ action figures. Only picked up the Ultra Strike Spidey which had Super Pose-ability and Nova. Priced at $14.99 each. Steep, especially for non-plastic shell protected figures. Passed on Iron Spider and a darker colored version of Spidey with less articulation.

Hasbro Ultimate Spider-man 6" series Ultra Strike Spider-Man

Hasbro Ultimate Spider-man 6" series Human Rocket Nova 0

Through UPS, my Volfogg and Terry Bogard came in. Really excited. Video reviews to come 🙂

Robot Chogokin GaoGaiGar Volfogg

Bandai D-Arts Terry Bogard

7-4-2012 Weekly Update

4 07 2012

Happy 4th of July everyone. I’m gearing up for my trip to San Diego next week for Comic-Con 2012. Many things to hunt/buy and the wallet is gonna hurt a lot this year. I picked up Bandai D-Arts Megaman X Zero type 2 figure but I have no time to review it. I’ll try to resume video reviews  in a couple of weeks so stay tuned.


R57 Bandai D-Arts Rockman Megaman X Action Figure Review

16 02 2012

Finally, a Megaman Action Figure that truly delivers. Great plastic quality, articulation, sculpting, and accessories.