Adventures in Toy Shopping: DC Collectibles Batman Hush 3-Pack

19 09 2013

DC Collectibles re-releases 3 of its Batman Hush figures in this cool 3-Pack featuring Stealth Jumper Batman, Joker, and Harley Quinn. Priced at about $50.

The packaging is pretty plain, done in the same style as most DC Collectible action figures these days.

DC Collectibles Batman Hush 3-Pack 01

All the figures use the original molds when they released originally under the DC Direct brand name but with better quality paint apps. Here’s Stealth Jumper Batman.

DC Collectibles Batman Hush Stealth Jump Batman

Next we got the Cown Prince of Crime the Joker. I like this one a lot. Captures the Joker’s insane persona so well.

DC Collectibles Batman Hush 3-Pack Joker

Harley Quinn is pretty awesome in her own right. Liking the metallic red a lot.

DC Collectibles Batman Hush 3-Pack Harley Quinn

Based off the art of Jim Lee, his style is captured very well but I think Batman is the least favorite of mine in this set. Articulation isn’t great but if you’re familiar with DC Direct then you already know this. These are basically mini statues in my opinion.

One big thing to keep in mind, Quality Control has never been great with DC Collectibles. When I went to bend Harley’s left elbow for the 1st time, it broke right off. The Joker has really tight arm joints that I’m fearful the same thing will happen if I bend parts with him. With that said, buy from a place with a solid return policy.

DC Collectibles Batman Hush 3-Pack  Close up