R401 Hasbro Marvel Legends Angela Action Review

18 02 2017

The lost sister of Thor joins the Hasbro’s Marvel Legends action figure line. This bounty hunting angel is amazingly sculpted with phenomenal paint apps. Features a dynamic articulation system complimented with a sword and 2 axes. Priced at about $20.







R368 Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Spider-Girl (May Parker) Action Figure Review

20 02 2015

Since her debut in Marvel’s What If #105, I’ve had to wait 17 years for a Marvel Legends style action figure of this girl but the wait is over. Spider-Girl is here and she rocks. Using the same body mold as the Anya Spider-Girl figure, this gal features a perfectly sculpted head, additional web shooters, and web shooting hands, and a killer paint job for a perfect representation comic book design. She includes Hobgoblin head and wing BAF parts. Priced at about $20 (Amazon).

Marvel Legends Infinite May SpiderGirl 01

Marvel Legends Infinite May SpiderGirl 02

Marvel Legends Infinite May SpiderGirl 03

Marvel Legends Infinite May SpiderGirl 04

Marvel Legends Infinite May SpiderGirl 05

Marvel Legends Infinite May SpiderGirl 06

Marvel Legends Infinite May SpiderGirl 07


Merry Christmas – 2014 Haul

26 12 2014

First off, hope everyone had a great Christmas day. Family, friends, food, gifts, and non-stop NBA basketball games on TV made this day a long one to get through. But I survived and hopefully you did too.

This year’s gift haul was certainly epic.

1st up, Bandai’s Real Grade Justice Gundam model kit. I technically got this yesterday morning at my office Christmas party and once I got home, I went right to work on it. As you can see I repainted it blue, panel lined it, and applied a few decals. Fun build. 12+ hrs of work.

Real Grade 1/144 Justice Gundam Blue repaint

Next, another Real Grade kit, the Destiny Gundam. I’m fortunate I have the whole last week of 2014 off to take my time on building this one.


Got a very cool Batman Arkham Asylum action figure set by DC collectibles. The Batman figure I got in single form when it was first released but the one in this set has a much darker paint scheme which I really think looks better. The villains in this set look really wicked.


The female Assassin Creed Aveline De Grandpre figure by McFarlane Toys. Never had a chance to play her in the games, wonder if she’s any good. Also, season 1 DVD set of the Musketeers.


Got Generations Deluxe Chormia and Arcee as well as the new Animated R.I.D. Warrior Class Strongarm. 2014 was the year of the fembots.


and lastly, gift to myself thanks to a sweet Holiday bonus, got the full set of Revoltech TMNT action figures. May do a video review on these after I try test them out bit more to see what the pros and cons are.

REvoltech Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

That’s all for now… need a beer 🙂


Adventures in Shopping: Catching Up

22 11 2014

The frequency of video reviews has been down as of late but I have been picking up new items for my collection, just have no plans to review everything due to lack of time. Here’s what I’ve picked up in the past month’s time. Enjoy the pictures.

First up a Bandai Power Rangers Super Megaforce 5″ figure of Timeforce’s Red Ranger from Target ($8.99).

Time Red

Hasbro’s 3.34″ Star Wars Black series repackaged Darth Malgus. Been hunting for him and lucky for me got him from Toysrus ($9.99)

Darth Malgus

Walgreen’s had to my surprise a Hasbro 6″ Star Wars Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker ($19.99).


A very impressive figure but his eyes balls were way too big so I repainted them to be smaller.


At my local Fry’s Electronics, I spotted the DC Multiverse 4″ Batman based off the upcoming Arkham Knight video game ($8.99)

Arkham Knight Batman 01

a very impressive sculpted and painted figure. Note the cloth cape.

Arkham Knight Batman 02

For a 4″ figure, he has some pretty good articulation. He lacks a bicep swivel, ankle articulation and ab crunch but he has everything else a DC Classics 6″ figure would have which is very surprising.

Arkham Knight Batman 03

Arkham Knight Batman 04

If you happen to own the Harley Quinn mini-figure that came with the Batman Assault on Arkham DVD box set from Best Buy, he scales perfectly with her.

Arkham Knight Batman 05

Lastly, I was able to track down a Target exclusive Marvel Legends Infinite series Ms. Marvel on eBay. She was part of a 3 pack but I just wanted her. I paid aftermarket prices cause I’m a huge Ms. Marvel fan. Paint apps are a bit sloppy in a few areas but not super terrible. Her body mold is basically a repaint of the Moonstone figure. Overall, one of my favorite female Marvel Legends to date. Love Ms. Marvel!

Ms Marvel

Today’s Arrivals: Turbo Beyond

21 09 2014

A couple of cool surprises thanks to good buddies of mine.

First up, the Total Heroes Ultra Series Batman Beyond from Mattycollector.com. Includes alternate heads of Terry and Bruce along with cool add-ons and a little Atom figure.

DC Total Heroes Ultra Batman Beyond 00

DC Total Heroes Ultra Batman Beyond 01

DC Total Heroes Ultra Batman Beyond 03

The much sough after Bandai Super Megaforce Red Turbo Ranger figure finally joins my collection. One of my favorite designs for Red Ranger.

Red Turbo Ranger Super Megaforce Bandai 01


Adventures in Toy Shopping: Power Up!

9 08 2014

It’s rare I find myself on a Saturday afternoon inside of Toysrus. I never ever find anything descent but for once I lucked out. Spotted the 2nd wave of Power Rangers Super Megaforce 5″ figures. We get some classic Reds from the past. Had to get Zeo Ranger V. Red Wildforce and Red Jungle Fury didn’t look too bad and I love how each figure isn’t reusing too manybody parts, especially in the glove and boots areas. Each of these sell for $9.99.




Snagged a couple of Marvel Legends Infinite Series Figures. 1st Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie which includes a Groot Build-A-Figure Part.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Gamora Figure

Next the Toysrus exclusive Cyclops with the X-Head design. I was never a Cyclops fan but ever since he killed Charles Xavier in the comics, I somewhat like his new black/red X-Head design. He includes a Build-A-Figure part for a very cool looking Jubilee. Each of these ML figures are $21.99. Ouch.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Cyclops X Head Figure


R336 Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Acton Figure Review

28 06 2014

Marvel Select releases their Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Action Figure. Standing at 7 inches tall, this Spidey features very nice sculpting and paint apps along with a pretty impressive articulation system. He’s loaded with extra accessories: extra hands, web effect parts, and even Fireman accessories. Priced at about $25 (Amazon).

Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Acton Figure 01

Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Acton Figure 04

Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Acton Figure 02

Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Acton Figure 05

Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Acton Figure 07

Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Acton Figure 08

Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Acton Figure 06

Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Acton Figure 03