Adventures in Toy Shopping: Hasbro Marvel Universe Captain America 2013

15 10 2013

Doesn’t take much for Hasbro to produce another Captain America. This new version sports a more tough guy looking head sculpt and slightly deeper blue. All-New character art by Mike Deodato is featured on the front of the card. priced at $9.99 (Target).

Hasbro Marvel Universe Captain America 2013 01

Hasbro Marvel Universe Captain America 2013 02

Hasbro Marvel Universe Captain America 2013 04

Hasbro Marvel Universe Captain America 2013 03

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Target Finds

20 06 2013

It’s been a few weeks and I really haven’t had much luck in spotting anything descent on the shelves but all that changed with this morning recent Target visit. Spotted a Hasbro Marvel Universe Nova figure and Transformers Voyager Class Springer. Oh Happy Day.

Nova is a favorite character of mine. I love his recent redesign a lot but the figure doesn’t really deliver. All he is a new head sculpt with gold armor bits attached.

Hasbro Marvel Universe Nova action figure

Hasbro Marvel Universe Nova

Springer may be one of the best Hasbro TF figures to come out in years.  He doesn’t share the problem most recent TF toys have of being hollow in certain areas. He’s solid and extremely fun to mess with. His transformation between the 3 different modes (robot, car, helicopter) is clever and fun. His sculpt is just amazing and comes with really sool weapons. So impressed.

Hasbro Transformers Generations Voyager Class Autobot Springer

Hasbro Transformers Generations Voyager Springer 02

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Target Shopping

29 05 2013

I thankfully work next to Target store so every now and then during the week I can easily stop by and browse the toy aisle. Target put their mini Man of Steel movie display and I spotted the only Movie Master Superman figure ($15.99).

The blister card packaging isn’t anything special but Superman is nicely posed within. Really excited to see the movie.

Mattel Man of Steel Movie Master Superman 01

He includes a Superman Logo display stand that’s very textured.

Mattel Man of Steel Movie Master Superman 04

The most apparent thing about the figure is that his entire suit is textured. Not loving the fact the S Logo is textured…it feels weird.

Mattel Man of Steel Movie Master Superman 03

He scales equally to other Mattel figures such as the DC Unlimited New 52 version of Superman.

Mattel Man of Steel Movie Master Superman 05

And he scales equally with Movie Master Dark Knight Batman.

Mattel Man of Steel Movie Master Superman 06

Also spotted a cool Hasbro Marvel Universe Uncanny X-Men 3-pack featuring Wolverine, Longshot, and Rogue. You also get a non-poseable Baby Cyclops.

Hasbro Marvel Univers Longshot Wolverine Rogue Baby Cyclops Uncanny XMen 01

Hasbro Marvel Universe Rogue

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Hasbro Avengers Assemble Mighty Battler Captain America

21 05 2013

Walked into my local Target and spotted these Avengers Assemble Mighty Battlers 6″ action figures. Despite not having a lot of articulation, the figure looks good enough to me to add to my collection. I’m a Captain America and decided to pick his figure.

Hasbro Avengers Assemble Mighty Battlers Captain America 01

The figure has a simplified look and is very cartoony. Its apparent with this level of sculpting who the the target audience is and it’s not for the adult collector. Don’t expect Marvel Legends sculpting here.

Hasbro Avengers Assemble Mighty Battlers Captain America 02

Hasbro Avengers Assemble Mighty Battlers Captain America 03

His shield is attached to the figure and can not be removed.

Hasbro Avengers Assemble Mighty Battlers Captain America 04

Right shoulder is ball hinged while the left shoulder simply rotates 360. Single jointed elbows and no wrist articulation. His head is ball jointed and legs swivel forward and back. His gimmick action happens when you rotate the upper torso clockwise and release for a shield hook punch…hence the justice shield action.

Hasbro Avengers Assemble Mighty Battlers Captain America 05

He scales equally with Hasbro’s Ultimate Spider-Man 6″ action figure series 🙂

Hasbro Avengers Assemble Mighty Battlers Captain America 06

Pretty descent Cap figure but not for everyone. Priced pretty high at $12.99 so hopefully you can find him on sale for adding to your collection.

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Hasbro Marvel Universe Scarlet Witch

14 11 2012

Today’s find was at my local Target. This is the avenging Scarlet Witch in her classic attire.

Overall a good female physique and nice head sculpt. Colors are just right but not cleanly applied.


Her cape’s too long and having it stand vertically straight is impossible. You’ll have to angle it back so the figure can stand properly.

She comes with an attachable effect part that you can clip onto either hand and a small comic shot of her and her brother Quicksilver.

I rarely pick up 3.75″ figures these days but this one is an exception and worth considering.

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Hasbro Marvel Universe She-Hulk

12 10 2012

It’s rare for me these days to collect Hasbro’s Marvel Universe 3.75″ action figure line these days. I decided to stay clear of that scale because 6″ is just better in my opinion. Plus I’m running out of shelf space.

I was at my local comic shop browsing around and She-Hulk caught my eye. She’s sports her current design, nice sculpt, paint apps were descent, and good packaging design not to mention she’s a fan favorite of mine. I was hesitant to buy her because she was priced at $12.99 but I had to consider the time and gas I’d waste trying to find her at retail stores like Toysrus or Target. So I caved and picked her up.

11/12/2012: Was at my local Target and saw this figure on sale for $7.99. Finally, I can pick another of her and open her up. 1st thing you get as an extra is this tiny card shot of a She-Hulk comic. Honestly, this is pretty pointless to have. I really wish for a display stand.

Out of package, She-Hulk is pretty impressive. Areas of dark shading is painted in to give off that pro-artist feel. Not clean but descent enough. The purple used on her is metallic…very cool. She has a very unique, non-reused mold which makes me happy. Articulation is awesome. You get all the typical points but I’m loving the double-jointed elbows and knees. Thigh swivel is also a nice touch.

Close up, She-Hulk has pretty developed muscles for that body builder look. Curvy!

Her head sculpt is the best female sculpt I’ve seen the Marvel Universe line. The facial and hair sculpting rock.

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Hasbro Toysrus Exclusive: FF Spider-man & Dr. Doom

8 10 2012

check out the Hasbro Toysrus exclusive FF Spider-man & Dr. Doom. Priced at heavy $19.99. Is it worth it?