Today’s Arrival: Mattel Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Catwoman

11 12 2012

I’m kinda late to the party with these Catwoman figures. Mattel released two different version of Catwoman. One had the Goggles in the proper position when worn over the eyes and another with Goggles inverted to give a cat ear look when worn over the head.

Mattel Dark Knight Rises Catwoman 01

The paint apps are bit different with the goggles and mask underneath.

Mattel Dark Knight Rises Catwoman 02

These figures are 6″ scale and work with the Dark Knight Rises and Dark Knight Batman since both use the same mold. Articulation is equal to DC Classics so you get a wide range of posing options. The heels are the most annoying part of the figures. It’s tough to balance her in dynamic poses even in a basic standing pose. Still, the figures are awesome. Now I got to hunt down a Batpod for her 😦

Mattel Dark Knight Rises Catwoman 04