Today’s Arrival: Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Princess Adora

12 03 2013

Completing my versions of MOTU Classic She-Ra is Adora. She comes in the typical MOTU Classic packaging with the Princess of Power official logo added on.

Masters of the Univers Adora 01

Sculpted to perfection by the Four Horsemen, this figure sports a very beautiful rendition of the lost child from Eternia.

Masters of the Univers Adora 02

What’s different about this figure compared to her cartoon version design is the short mini skirt. The version in the show was more of a leotard. This design change allows her to spread the legs wider for better dynamic posing.

Masters of the Univers Adora 05

Her weapons include her Power Sword and blaster.

Masters of the Univers Adora 03

The blaster can be stored in a removable belt.

Masters of the Univers Adora 04

She looks amazing next to She-Ra. Note the similar body type and facial sculpt features.

Masters of the Univers Adora 06

I very much recommend this figure to MOTU fans. This is the 1st version of Adora in action figure form and is simply stunning to have in hand. Sells for about $30.

Masters of the Univers Adora 07



Today’s Arrival: Masters of the Universe Battleground Teela

5 03 2013

Due to my sudden interest in She-Ra, I noticed there was a new version of Teela in this blonde version called Battleground Teela as I was browsing at the MOTU Classic figures from Mattel. She reminded me of Conan and Red Sonja so much that I had to get her. She comes in the typical MOTU Classics packaging.

MOTU Battleground Teela 01

Her design is amazing. She has a muscular body type in this very barbarian style outfit.

MOTU Battleground Teela 02

Her face sculpt screams tough girl. Loving the design of hair.

MOTU Battleground Teela 03

MOTU Battleground Teela 04

Her attire is mainly just gold and brown.

MOTU Battleground Teela 05

She includes a simple sword and hand blaster.

MOTU Battleground Teela 06

All the needed points of articulation are there expect for a thigh swivel. Still, you can get her in dynamic stances. I highly recommend her if you’re a fan of MOTU or just girls who look like they can kick major @ss. Priced at about $30

MOTU Battleground Teela 07

Here she is next to Sorceress and She-Ra. Awesome đŸ™‚

MOTU Ladies

Today’s Arrival: Masters of the Universe Bubble Power She-Ra

5 03 2013

I found myself Saturday afternoon bored out of my mind and decided to watch She-Ra for the 1st time on Netflix. I was majorly impressed by the 5 part opening storyline. I didn’t realize her design was so simplistic and beautiful. After browsing a little bit more on Youtube, I found out Mattel released a 2.0 version in the MOTU Classics line known as the Bubble Power She-Ra. I already own the 1.0 version and was really excited to get my hands on the 2.0 which sported more articulation along with a new feature set.

Packaging is in the standard MOTU Classics style. Very cool that the official Princess of Power logo is present on the lower area.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 01

Out of packaging, she shines.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 02

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 03

She features a clip-on reversible head dress that can be removed and applied upside down for a mask look.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 04

She has a new golden power sword with a pink translucent piece of plastic. Here it is next to the original sword.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 05

She also comes with the same shield but in a brighter gold and a pink translucent jewel.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 06

She includes Axe Comb?

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 15

Her final accessory is her Bubble Blaster.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 07

Her vest is removable.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 12

Comparing to the 1st version you’ll note they are equal in scale.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 08

Looking closer, she sports a much whiter dress and differently designed golden elements all over her body.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 09

Notice her cape is all gold. She also now has a slight along both sides of the skirt.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 10

Gold is also brighter when compared to the 1.0 version.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 11

You can part swap and create the She-Ra you want if you own the 1st version. I’ve taken her cape, weapons and head off version 1.0 and put them on the new body. I now have the perfect She-Ra of my liking.


Her articulation has improved with the addition of high thigh swivels. Those slights I pointed out earlier allow the legs to spread out more.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 13

Here’s She-Ra doing her impersonation of Chun Li.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 14

Overall, I think Bubble Power She-Ra is a must have. There’s just enough new features to justifiy owning this figure again if you own the previous She-Ra. I should mention this version is the one to get if you plan to get her unicorn pal Swift Wind because of the improved articulation. Priced at about $30.

MOTU Bubble Power She-Ra 16

R124 Mattel DC Classics Vs Masters of the Universe: Supergirl vs She-Ra

3 03 2012

The Maid of Might vs the Princess of Power: Supergirl vs She-Ra. These 2 figures are part of Mattel’s Toysrus Exclusive DC universe classsics vs Masters of the Univere Classics 2-pack sereis. Available only at Toysrus or Retail $29.99