R165 Mattel Batman Legacy: Robin & Joker Action Figure

15 03 2012

Based off the popular Batman Arkham City Video Game comes Robin (Tim Drake) and the Joker. Includes no accessories 😦 Priced at $29.95 at retail.

R139 Mattel Batman Legacy: The Dark Knight & Joker Police Guard Action Figure Review

10 03 2012

This 2 pack is one of the best in the Batman Legacy line from Mattel. Features a brand new sculpted Joker as well as a repainted Batman from Dark Knight Movie Masters series.

R30 Mattel Batman Legacy Edition: Batgirl Barbara Gordon Action Figure Review

15 02 2012

Originally released under Mattel’s DC Superheroes line (before DC Classics), Batgirl returns with all-new paint job in the 2nd series of Batman Legacy Edition Figures.