Adventures in Toy Shopping: It Ain’t Human

28 06 2014

Hopped around during the week to a few local establishments and picked up few cool things. None of them human.

First up I got Neca’s poseable Godzilla 2014 movie action figure. He’s equal to scale with the S.H.MonsterArts figures but not as well sculpted or highly articulated. Still, he has enough articulation to be considered very good in my book.

Neca Godzilla 2014 Movie Action Figure

My local Target had just got in the TMNT movie figures. I most likely won’t get all the figures, but I got my favorite Turtle Raphael. The sculpt is pretty good for a $9 figure.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Movie 2014 Playmates

They’re priced the same as the Animated Nick TMNT figures. He actually scales a bit taller than my Battle Shell Raph. His articulation system is the same as Battle Shell Raph.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Movie 2014 vs Animated Nick

My comicshop owner buddy gave me this UltraAct Glenfire. Apparently it was misordered and the distributor didn’t want it back. Lucky to have friends in the right places.

UltraAct Glenfire

Lastly, this one was an online deal I got from when they had their Botcon 2014 sale. MP Lambor (aka Sideswipe) was $10 off so I was able to get him for $70. He looks great next to my MP Prowl.

Takara Tomy Masterpiece Lambor Sideswipe Autobot Transformers

Transformers Masterpiece Lambor Sideswipe Prowl Autobot Takara Tomy


Takara Tomy Transformers Go Beast Hunters Arcee

15 01 2014

I passed on the Hasbro release for its horrid paint job but I knew deep down that Takara Tomy would give this lady the proper paint job she deserves. Sporting a much deeper blue violet scheme, with metallic pink trims, this Beast Hunters version of Arcee is a sweet sight to my eyes. She comes in a blister card package very much like her Hasbro counterpart.

Takara Tomy G22 Transformers Beast Hunters Arcee 01

The mold is pretty much a revision of the original deluxe mold with bat-like features.

Takara Tomy G22 Transformers Beast Hunters Arcee 02

No stickers need to be applied this time around which is step up from her original mold by Takara Tomy.

Takara Tomy G22 Transformers Beast Hunters Arcee 04

She comes with a super-sized twin arrow bow that can be worn in both bike and robot forms.

Takara Tomy G22 Transformers Beast Hunters Arcee 03

Takara Tomy G22 Transformers Beast Hunters Arcee 05

Here we see nice comparison shot between the original and beast hunter revision.

Takara Tomy G22 Transformers Beast Hunters Arcee 06

If you’re an Arcee fan like me, this figure is definitely a cool improvement. Sells for about $30 (

Takara Tomy G22 Transformers Beast Hunters Arcee 07

Today’s Arrival: Takara Transformers MP-17 Prowl

15 10 2013

Nothing like a Masterpiece from Takara Tomy to make my month. The 1st of fair ladies is hear with one of my all-time favorite G1 characters.

Box is simple and keeps with the style of recent MP figures.

Takara Transformers MP-17 Prowl 01

Takara Transformers MP-17 Prowl 02

You get figure (in car mode), his main rifle, instructions (in Japanese), and character card (in Japanese).

Takara Transformers MP-17 Prowl 03

Car Mode is what you expect. Rolls smoothly and has a very accurate looking design with nice crisp markings.

Takara Transformers MP-17 Prowl 02

In robot mode, he’s simply amazing.

Takara Transformers MP-17 Prowl 04

His classic rifle is pretty sizable in length and sculpted in basic silver.

Takara Transformers MP-17 Prowl 05

Top notch figure from Takara that is a must own for TF fans. Priced at about $80 (

Takara Transformers MP-17 Prowl 06