R188 ToyBiz Super-Poseable Wallcrawling Spider-Man Action Figure Review

22 03 2012

Originally released by Toybiz in 2004, this figure was part of the series 12 line of Spider-Man 6″ action figures. Nicknamed the Todd McFarlane sculpt for its head design, this is truly one of, if not the best 6″ Spider-Man Action Figure to date. Overall, a great sculpt & highly poseable. Scales perfectly with Marvel Legends action figures. Tough to find these days.

*Hasbro should release this guy…truly an awesome Spider-Man action figure.

R107 Toybiz Marvel Legends Face Off: Captain America Action Figure Review

3 03 2012

From Toybiz’s Marvel Legends Face Off 2-Pack series comes the 1st Avenger Captain America (Steve Rogers).