Model Kit Building: Wave 1/100 Macross VF-1S Battroid Roy Focker Special Model Kit

24 11 2012

A few times a year, I’ll get into building a Japanese model kit. Usually its a Bandai Gundam kit. This time, I got my hands on the Wave 1/100 Macross VF-1S Battroid Roy Focker Special Model Kit priced at about $35. The runners are few in number and the kit is really ease to build. A nice plus is the battroid can be converted in gerwalk (guardian) mode with a bit of part swapping. Applying the waterslide decals is pain in the ass…they aren’t made of the best material, cut with too much extra clear material, and can flake off pretty easily after drying. The articulation is descent but don’t expect true action figure posing like you would get with Bandai’s HG Models or Robot Spirits action figure series. This kit looks best in a standing pose. I reworked the colors with black and blue trims in honor of Max Sterling, my favorite Macross character. Added some weather and black panel lining and ended up with a model I’m kinda happy with.

I wouldn’t recommend this kit. The 12 inch tall box is really misleading when you end up with 6 inch battroid which is really 5 inches if you ignore the gunpod antennas on his head. The sculpt really nice, I mean really nice and I’m OK with the limited range of motion in the elbows and knees. The decals really are the worst part of this kit because they are so terrible to work with. I won’t even dare to convert this into gerwalk mode at this point in fear the decals will flake off. If you plan to pick this up just know what you’re getting into with my comments on this kit. Your better off painting in the details rather than using the waterslide decals that come with this kit.