Weekly Update 8-21-2012: New Haul of Action Figures

21 08 2012

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these here at hdtoytheater.com…

Here’s some photos of some recent figures I picked up. Only Figures highlighted in red will get video reviews, the others are maybes.

Griffith (Figma: Berserk Series)

Kamen Rider Meteor (Bandai S.H. Figuarts)

Thor (Hasbro Marvel Legends SDCC Exclusive 2011)

Superman-New 52 Version (Mattel DC All-Stars)

Superboy Prime (Mattel DC All-Stars)

Batman-New 52 Version (Mattel DC All-Stars)

Red Robin-Tim Drake (Mattel DC All-Stars)

Gundam Age HG 1/144 Dark Hound

Gundam Seed HG 1/144 M-1 Astray (Customized Repaint)

Lastly, upcoming figures I’m trying to get my hands on: S.H. Figuarts Jetman Redhawk, Ultra-Act Ultraman Max and Zoffy (incredibly hard to find for under $50)

Update 5-2-2012

2 05 2012

May will be one of the best months. I’m hoping to crank out Video Reviews more than 2 twice a week. So stay tuned as I cover new action figures and old ones in my collection.

Was able to track down Catwoman (Arkham City)  from the Batman Legacy 2-pack by Mattel. Bought it loose off eBay cause really didn’t want the other Batman (Arkham Asylum) with different paint apps.

And just for fun…I got a cool Birthday Gift: HG 1/144 G-Bouncer from the Gundam Age Anime.