Merry Christmas – 2014 Haul

26 12 2014

First off, hope everyone had a great Christmas day. Family, friends, food, gifts, and non-stop NBA basketball games on TV made this day a long one to get through. But I survived and hopefully you did too.

This year’s gift haul was certainly epic.

1st up, Bandai’s Real Grade Justice Gundam model kit. I technically got this yesterday morning at my office Christmas party and once I got home, I went right to work on it. As you can see I repainted it blue, panel lined it, and applied a few decals. Fun build. 12+ hrs of work.

Real Grade 1/144 Justice Gundam Blue repaint

Next, another Real Grade kit, the Destiny Gundam. I’m fortunate I have the whole last week of 2014 off to take my time on building this one.


Got a very cool Batman Arkham Asylum action figure set by DC collectibles. The Batman figure I got in single form when it was first released but the one in this set has a much darker paint scheme which I really think looks better. The villains in this set look really wicked.


The female Assassin Creed Aveline De Grandpre figure by McFarlane Toys. Never had a chance to play her in the games, wonder if she’s any good. Also, season 1 DVD set of the Musketeers.


Got Generations Deluxe Chormia and Arcee as well as the new Animated R.I.D. Warrior Class Strongarm. 2014 was the year of the fembots.


and lastly, gift to myself thanks to a sweet Holiday bonus, got the full set of Revoltech TMNT action figures. May do a video review on these after I try test them out bit more to see what the pros and cons are.

REvoltech Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

That’s all for now… need a beer 🙂


Takara Tomy Transformers Go Beast Hunters Arcee

15 01 2014

I passed on the Hasbro release for its horrid paint job but I knew deep down that Takara Tomy would give this lady the proper paint job she deserves. Sporting a much deeper blue violet scheme, with metallic pink trims, this Beast Hunters version of Arcee is a sweet sight to my eyes. She comes in a blister card package very much like her Hasbro counterpart.

Takara Tomy G22 Transformers Beast Hunters Arcee 01

The mold is pretty much a revision of the original deluxe mold with bat-like features.

Takara Tomy G22 Transformers Beast Hunters Arcee 02

No stickers need to be applied this time around which is step up from her original mold by Takara Tomy.

Takara Tomy G22 Transformers Beast Hunters Arcee 04

She comes with a super-sized twin arrow bow that can be worn in both bike and robot forms.

Takara Tomy G22 Transformers Beast Hunters Arcee 03

Takara Tomy G22 Transformers Beast Hunters Arcee 05

Here we see nice comparison shot between the original and beast hunter revision.

Takara Tomy G22 Transformers Beast Hunters Arcee 06

If you’re an Arcee fan like me, this figure is definitely a cool improvement. Sells for about $30 (

Takara Tomy G22 Transformers Beast Hunters Arcee 07

Today’s Arrival: Takara Tomy Transformers Prime Deluxe Arcee

8 11 2012

I was watching a few of Youtube video reviews about the Takara Tomy version for the Transformers Prime Deluxe Class Arcee and the all them recommend that version over the US Hasbro R.I.D. version. So i ordered it off eBay and just got it in hand today.

Arcee comes in a really cool looking box. Honestly, too much packaging just for bike if you ask me.

Once you pull out the interior box, you’ll notice Arcee bagged in a little cube hole in bike mode. Further inside are instructions sheets for Arcee & her Arms Micron, and an advertising sheet for other figures in the line. You’ll notice a plastic runner with all the Arms Micron parts you need to cut out and assemble according to its instruction sheet. Felt like I was building a Gundam kit. Lastly, decals for added color which I was really excited to apply.

The overall blue used for Arcee is much deeper and has a hint of sparkle to it. Bike mode is awesome. Robot mode is amazing as she sports a lean female physique.

She doesn’t come with pink decals for those lightning bolts on the side of her face and the forehead horn so I grabbed a pink Sharpie to fill in the missing color. 1 thing to point out is the Sharpie will go on transparent and will coat the silver underneath making it a metallic pink. It matches perfect with the pink decals the toy comes with. Caution: Gentle apply with the Sharpie and don’t overcoat or you run the risk of causing the silver underneath to bleed off the mold.

Her pink colored Arms Micron is tiny yet deadly when transformed into a blade weapon.

You do have to deal with the chore of putting on the decals which don’t stick as strongly as you want but all in all, a much better toy compared to the US Hasbro version.

Ending the Week

14 09 2012

Ending the week with some cool mail orders arriving today.

First up is my next Gundam model kit – Gundam AGE HG 1/144 Fx that I ordered for I’ve been in the habit of always tweaking the colors around to make it more personal/originally. I’ll need to load some product photos into Photoshop and experiment with the re-color paint pallet I wanna go with. I usually assemble while watching baseball…Go SF Giants!

Along with my Gundam kit was a Pink Gundam Marker I wanted to try out on my Transformers Prime Deluxe Class Arcee. She’s known for sporting small sections of pink on her body when you watch the show, unfortunately they aren’t found on the toy. So I tried out the marker on the toy only to discover the marker really has runny paint and is hard to control. It also goes on too thick. It’s almost better to put on a little paint and use a small brush to spread the paint around so you don’t accidentally bleed into areas you don’t want to be in. The pic below shows how it turned out. I’ll have to extract it with paint thinner and redo it.

Stopped by Target and snagged another Darth Maul Returns Star Wars Battle Pack so I could have loose versions to pose on my desk. Below is the pic I took so you could see how he compares to the vintage collection Darth Maul.

Lastly, I shot video intros for 2 upcoming reviews I hope to have done by Sunday. S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form and Hasbro Walmart Amazing Spider-Man 6″ action figure.