R286 Covergirls of the DCU Batgirl Statue Review

14 09 2013

DC Collectibles Cover Girls of the DCU Statue series continues with the New 52 version of Batgirl. Made of high quality resin, this statue scales 10 inches tall, and is beautifully sculpted. Batgirl is based off the artwork of Stanley Artgerm Lau and is sculpted by Jack Matthews. Includes preattached batarang and an attachable display base. Limited to 5,200. Sells for about $100 (DCcomics.com, amazon).

DC Collectibles Covergirls of the DCU Batgirl Statue 01

DC Collectibles Covergirls of the DCU Batgirl Statue 02

DC Collectibles Covergirls of the DCU Batgirl Statue 05

DC Collectibles Covergirls of the DCU Batgirl Statue 04

DC Collectibles Covergirls of the DCU Batgirl Statue 06

DC Collectibles Covergirls of the DCU Batgirl Statue 08

DC Collectibles Covergirls of the DCU Batgirl Statue 07

DC Collectibles Covergirls of the DCU Batgirl Statue 03

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello

12 11 2012

It took me awhile but I finally assembled the entire Turtle team based off the 2012 Nicktoons animated series. Before I go any further, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series just might be the best cartoon I’ve seen in a very loooooooong time. Picked up Donatello today at Target for $7.99.

With my trusty .005 black Micron pen, I added panel lining to bring out some depth and detail in the figure. Here’s Donnie with the rest of his brothers.

Today’s Arrival: Batman Unlimited: Batgirl (New 52) Action Figure Photo Review

29 10 2012

Got my hands on a loose Batman Unlimited Batgirl action figure by Mattel. Found it loose on eBay and I was quick to buy it even though she was out of packaging and had no accessories. I’m huge Batgirl fan and paid more than I should of.

She stands same scale as the 6″ Batman Legacy Batgirl figure (see photo below). She sports entirely new body sculpt except for the head which is a re-used mold. She has high-gloss black body suit with  slick gold colored belt, gloves, and boots. Notice the high detail sculpted armor throughout the whole body. Her cowl and backside of her cape are flat black. Inside cape is a bright purple.

Articulation has changed this time around. You will notice there is no bicep swivel this time around. This is a disappoint because you can’t  get good range for dynamic arm poses. She has ball hinged elbows that allow for 360 rotation and a 90 degree bend. A nice plus this time around is 360 swiveling wrists. Right hand is open for holding accessories such as a batarang while the left hand is a closed fist. She can barely rotate just above the abs but not with a lot of range due to the sculpt’s design. No waist articulation in the belt area which is surprising. You have new better looking thigh-high articulation for the legs which makes for a better visual look. Its similar to the Mattel’s Catwoman figure from the Arkham City video game. Everything else is the same from her Batman Legacy edition: ball jointed head, lower leg thigh swivel just above the knees, ball hinge arms with good range of motion, single jointed knees with a max bend of 90 degrees, and hinge feet. As a nice extra touch, you have peg holes under her feet, perfect if you have an extra stand not being used in your action figure collection.

Batgirl (New DC 52 Version)

Head sculpt is a reused mold that was used in Mattel’s DC Superheroes and Batman Legacy lines. It’s a very good mold and I’m kinda glad to see it with this figure. The strong red lipstick is a nice touch.

Slick new body mold with some impressive sculpted elements and shiny black and gold colors.

Notice the lack of a high bicep swivel

Knees are single jointed with a max bend of 90 degrees. Could use more range.

Comparison shot with the Batman Legacy Batgirl. Legs are bit thicker with the new 52 Batgirl

Standing with Mattel’s DC New 52 Batman. Good scale against Batman.

Other things to note: The thigh joints are very loose so dynamic posing like a fighting stance can be difficult. To get around that problem, grab a extra DC Classics display base and take advantage of those peg holes under her feet. I feel like Mattel cut some corners with this figure. A lack of no high bicep & waist swivel and double jointed knees should be a standard Mattel should stick to like with past figures but I guess we can’t have everything. Don’t get me wrong, this without a doubt is the best Batgirl action figure to date…it’s stunning. This will release Fall 2012 at around $16 .

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo

25 10 2012

I’m 4 episodes into Nick’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon and loving it. Because of this I really wanted to start picking up the action figures for the show. I already own Raphael who is my favorite. Walked into my local Target store and snagged Leonardo.

Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo 1

I wondered what the figure would look like with black panel lining. So  I grabbed my trustee black .005 Micron pen and gave it a go. Here’s what it looks like:

R196 Mega Bloks Spider Sense Spider-Man Techbot Model Kit Review

2 05 2012

There are times when you stumble on things at the toystore that just catch your eye. This is one of those times.

I’m never been into Mega Bloks or Lego during my lifetime but I made a one-time exception. Mega Blocks released a few Marvel Comics character techbot model kits…in this case Spider-Sense Spider-Man. Comprised of 45 pieces, you just need 20 minutes to assemble this 10 inch tall figure. Sports a very robotic look & great articulation, Spidey fans can really appreciate the unique design of this model kit. Retails for $19.99 and available at most major toy retailers.

R29 Kotobukiya DC Comics Bishoujo Dark Supergirl PVC Statue

15 02 2012

The darkside of Supergirl gets a PVC statue courtesy of Kotobukiya. 1/7 scale, about $70. Exclusive sold at San Diego Comic-Con 2011

R27 Kotobukiya Marvel Bishoujo Ms. Marvel PVC Statue

15 02 2012

Carol Danvers never looked so good with this 1/7 scale PVC statue by Kotobukiya, About $70.