Adventures in Toy Shopping: Return of Marvel Legends Dark Wolverine (Daken)

12 10 2012

I thought I’d never find this version of Dark Wolverine in stores but I happen to stumble upon the masked version at Target this morning. He sports a much leaner body compared the SDCC X-Force Wolverine which is awesome. Check it out.

R205 DC Direct The New 52 Justice League Batman Action Figure Review

30 05 2012

DC Direct kicks off their first action figure on the New 52 Era with Batman. Standing at 7 inches tall and design off the art of Jim Lee, this Batman figure is a piece of art. Goes for about $20 and available now at local US comic shops.

R202 Mattel Batman Power Attack: Battle Gauntlet Batman Action Figure Review

26 05 2012

Check out Battle Gauntlet Batman, part of Mattel’s Batman Power Attack action figure series. The sculpt is very much cartoony and aimed for the kid audience. Stands about 6 inches tall and comes with insanely huge batarang. Retails for $10.99 at your local toysrus.

R187 Square Enix Play Arts Kai Batman Arkham Asylum Action Figure Review

19 03 2012

Based off the hit video game, here’s Batman from the Arkham Asylum video game. 9 inches tall, includes triple claw grapple gun, batarang, gadget holding right hand, and clutching left hand. About $60 (Amazon or local comic shops).

R138 Figma Fate/Stay Night Dark Saber Alter Action Figure Review

10 03 2012

the dark version of Saber. A very cool addition to the Figma Fate/Stay Night series.

R101 Hasbro Marvel Universe Iron Patriot Action Figure Review

29 02 2012

When Norman Osborn gets his hands on Iron Man Armor, he decides to repaint in a patriotic motif. Too bad he’s still a bad guy with secret agenda.

R95: Hasbro Marvel Dark Spider-Man Dark Wolverine Action Figure Review

29 02 2012

The Dark Avengers Spidey and Wolverine…AKA Venom and Daken