R230 Bandai S.H. Figaurts Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmic States Action Figure Review

21 10 2012

The ultimate form of Kamen Rider Fourze – Cosmic States. Visually stunning – with a sleek metallic paint job, super detailed sculpting, and phenomenal articulation, this figure is quite possibly the best state of Fourze in the S.H. Figuarts line. Features various extra hands, different versions of the Cosmic Switch, the Barizun Sword, and the Chicken Nugget Foodroid. Goes for about $40 (Amazon, eBay).

R221 Bandai S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Meteor Action Figure Review

25 08 2012

Make way for the transfer student from Subaruboshi High School. As Kamen Rider Meteor (Ryusei Sakuta), this no nonsense rider isn’t out to make friends but to simply punish those vile Zodiarts plaguing Amanogawa High School. Equipped with his Meteor Driver and Meteor Galaxy, Kamen Rider Meteor is more than ready to dish out the punishment with Bruce Lee-like skill. Figure includes various extra hands, alternate versions of the Meteor Driver and Meteor Driver, & 2 versions of the Hulashake Foodroid. Sells for about $40 (amazon, eBay).