Today’s Arrival: Hasbro Iron Man 3 Movie (Series 1) 6″ Action Figure Series: Iron Patriot

7 02 2013

This is the Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn), part of the Iron Man 3 Movie (series 1) 6″ action figure line. Yes, he is a repaint of the Marvel Legends Extremis Iron Man but I gotta say this figure looks much more dynamic with this patriotic color palette. He comes with a build a figure part for the Iron Monger. I got this guy loose without that part.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Patriot 01

As mentioned, the body mold is the same as the Extremis Iron Man. Which looks better in your eyes? Loving the Iron Patriot a lot more in my opinion. Instead of the triangle Arc reactor, Iron Patriot sports a Star shaped chest piece.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Patriot 03

The colors are descent enough: Metallic blue, red, pearl white, and orange colored eyes. The figure could have used an extra layer of white paint. In some areas like the lower abs and face plate, you can see a hint of the underlying color. The photos provided don’t really show this too well but in hand you’ll see it. The Red is a bit bright for my taste and could have been deeper in hue and metallic.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Patriot 02

Iron Patriot has an open blast gesture right hand and a closed left fist. The Extremis Iron Man has the opposite. One nice creative bonuses you can do is part swap between the 2 figures for extra playability. You’ll have to deal with the power sources being different colors though (yellow and white).

Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Patriot 04

Articulation is Ok. Not much tilting range for the head. The leg articulation at the hips don’t have quite enough range of free motion for spread out leg poses, same can be said of the feet.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Patriot 05

Overall this figure is a great repaint of an already great figure. Those of you trying to build your Dark Avengers team just got a new member to go out and pick up. Retails for $14.99

Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Patriot 06

Today’s Arrival: Hasbro Marvel Legends (Hit Monkey Series) Red She-Hulk

25 01 2013

Another figure in the Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Hit Monkey series is the Red She-Hulk (Betty Ross). I got this one out of package off eBay for about retail price but without the Hit Monkey build-a-figure part. She sports by all accounts a new female sculpt and is taller than recent Marvel Legends females like Madame Mask and Hope Summers. She comes with a very saturated red skin color (which kinda burns the eyes) & yellow eerie colored eyes. Her facial expression has no charisma which is kind weird to me. She could have used a sinister smirk.

Marvel Legends Red She-Hulk 01

Her suit has a combat design done in three colors: black with touches of purple and silver.

Marvel Legends Red She-Hulk 05

She includes a very sizable and well designed sword that can only fit in her open right hand. It has a very nice metallic red paint job accompanied by flat silver.

Marvel Legends Red She-Hulk 04

Marvel Legends Red She-Hulk 07

She scales almost the same in height when posed with the original She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters). She’s just a tad shorter 😥

Marvel Legends Red She-Hulk 06

She has all the typical female articulation points and relatively tight joints all around except in the ankles which are just a bit loose to give you dynamic posing problems. She’s easier to articulate in the thighs than She-Hulk which is very much appreciated by this collector. I do wish she had double-jointed elbows rather than a ball hinge for a better range of bending motion. The sword is a tad loose when held in hand so there will be sword holding problems. Like all females with long hair, she has problems with her head range of motion. Still, even though it may sound like I’m putting her down and I really like this figure a lot and recommend her to Hulk fans out there.

Marvel Legends Red She-Hulk 08

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