Weekly Update 5/31/2012

31 05 2012

As May 2012 comes to a close, probably the most productive video review month I’ll have for awhile, we covered very interesting variety of action figures. Check out the May 2012 posting on the side bar to view them.

The next big thing coming is San Diego Comic-Con 2012. I’ll be heading down mid July for the whole sha-bang and expect to come back with exclusives.

I recently picked the Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes from the 1st wave of G.I. Joe Retaliation Movie action figures.

Seeing as this only wave going to be released this year due to the movie being pushed back to March 2012, I wanted to snag these as fast as I could. Storm Shadow really impressed  me with his design and weaponry. Snake Eyes not so much.

Upcoming Reviews:

Uploading as I type: Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Trunks Action figure. It’ll pop up on my Youtube Channel Page first then back here later on. Here’s a teaser photo.

Update 5-2-2012

2 05 2012

May will be one of the best months. I’m hoping to crank out Video Reviews more than 2 twice a week. So stay tuned as I cover new action figures and old ones in my collection.

Was able to track down Catwoman (Arkham City)¬† from the Batman Legacy 2-pack by Mattel. Bought it loose off eBay cause really didn’t want the other Batman (Arkham Asylum) with different paint apps.

And just for fun…I got a cool Birthday Gift: HG 1/144 G-Bouncer from the Gundam Age Anime.


Preview: Mattel Young Justice 6″ Batman Action Figure

2 04 2012

Hey folks,

A buddy of mine got a hold of the Young Justice 6″ Batman Action Figure (out of package, no accessories) and was awesome enough to get me one. To help accent some of the details, I took a .005 black ink pen to add panel lining to his mouth and ab area. Here are a few preview pictures taken with my iPad2. Video review will be coming for this awesome figure.

Weekly Update 3-19-2012:

19 03 2012

Hey folks.

First off, finally got all videos categorized here at hdtoytheater.com that were first posted on the Youtube channel. Took awhile but its finally done. You can expect from this point on NEW posts on NEW Videos.

In the past, I was able to post at least one new video a week, whether it be older action figures in my collection or new ones. My schedule has gotten little more complicated so can’t promise that will happen going forward.

For now, here’s what to expect for upcoming video reviews:

Toybiz Spider-Man Series 12 (ca. 2004): Super-Poseable Wall-Crawling Spider-Man 6 inch action figure

Bandai NEW Thundercats Cheetara 6″ Action Figure

Kotobukiya Marvel Fine Arts X-23 Statue

If you haven’t already, check out the NEWest review on the Square Enix Play Arts Kai Batman Arkham Asylum Action Figure Review