R393 Kotobukiya DC Comics Bishoujo Black Canary PVC Statue

4 06 2016

The beloved Black Canary joins Kotobukiya’s DC Comics Bishoujo Statue series with this amazing PVC Statue. Standing over 10″ tall, she sports a sexy pose with top notch sculpting and painting. Comes complete with a Canary cry display base. Priced at about $80 (Amazon).

Kotobukiya DC Comics Bishoujo Black Canary 01

Kotobukiya DC Comics Bishoujo Black Canary 02

Kotobukiya DC Comics Bishoujo Black Canary 03

Kotobukiya DC Comics Bishoujo Black Canary 04


R240 Kotobukiya DC Comics Bishoujo Huntress PVC Statue Review

12 01 2013

This bird of prey has been a long time coming in my opinion. Kotobukiya welcomes the Huntress into their Bishoujo PVC Statue series. Standing 9.5 inches tall (1/7 scale), Huntress is beautifully sculpted in very sexy costume design. She stands on a Griffon-like statue and comes equipped with her bow staff. Priced at $59.99 (Amazon, kotous.com).

Kotobukiya DC Comics Huntress 01

Kotobukiya DC Comics Huntress 02

Kotobukiya DC Comics Huntress 03

Kotobukiya DC Comics Huntress 04

Kotobukiya DC Comics Huntress 05

Kotobukiya DC Comics Huntress 06

Kotobukiya DC Comics Huntress 07

R219 DC Direct Batman Hush series 1: Huntress Action Figure Review

11 08 2012

Going back to the mid 2000’s, this Huntress figure debuted as part of the Batman Hush series 1 action figure line from DC Direct. Stands about 6 inches, this figure is based off the designs of comic legend Jim Lee. The Huntress sports a sexy redesigned costume, nice long flexible cape, removable bow staff, handgun, and stylish pose. Definitely a figure that holds up in the looks department in this day and age of action figure collecting.