Adventures in Shopping: Catching Up

22 11 2014

The frequency of video reviews has been down as of late but I have been picking up new items for my collection, just have no plans to review everything due to lack of time. Here’s what I’ve picked up in the past month’s time. Enjoy the pictures.

First up a Bandai Power Rangers Super Megaforce 5″ figure of Timeforce’s Red Ranger from Target ($8.99).

Time Red

Hasbro’s 3.34″ Star Wars Black series repackaged Darth Malgus. Been hunting for him and lucky for me got him from Toysrus ($9.99)

Darth Malgus

Walgreen’s had to my surprise a Hasbro 6″ Star Wars Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker ($19.99).


A very impressive figure but his eyes balls were way too big so I repainted them to be smaller.


At my local Fry’s Electronics, I spotted the DC Multiverse 4″ Batman based off the upcoming Arkham Knight video game ($8.99)

Arkham Knight Batman 01

a very impressive sculpted and painted figure. Note the cloth cape.

Arkham Knight Batman 02

For a 4″ figure, he has some pretty good articulation. He lacks a bicep swivel, ankle articulation and ab crunch but he has everything else a DC Classics 6″ figure would have which is very surprising.

Arkham Knight Batman 03

Arkham Knight Batman 04

If you happen to own the Harley Quinn mini-figure that came with the Batman Assault on Arkham DVD box set from Best Buy, he scales perfectly with her.

Arkham Knight Batman 05

Lastly, I was able to track down a Target exclusive Marvel Legends Infinite series Ms. Marvel on eBay. She was part of a 3 pack but I just wanted her. I paid aftermarket prices cause I’m a huge Ms. Marvel fan. Paint apps are a bit sloppy in a few areas but not super terrible. Her body mold is basically a repaint of the Moonstone figure. Overall, one of my favorite female Marvel Legends to date. Love Ms. Marvel!

Ms Marvel

Today’s Arrivals: Turbo Beyond

21 09 2014

A couple of cool surprises thanks to good buddies of mine.

First up, the Total Heroes Ultra Series Batman Beyond from Includes alternate heads of Terry and Bruce along with cool add-ons and a little Atom figure.

DC Total Heroes Ultra Batman Beyond 00

DC Total Heroes Ultra Batman Beyond 01

DC Total Heroes Ultra Batman Beyond 03

The much sough after Bandai Super Megaforce Red Turbo Ranger figure finally joins my collection. One of my favorite designs for Red Ranger.

Red Turbo Ranger Super Megaforce Bandai 01


Adventures in Toy Shopping: Power Up!

9 08 2014

It’s rare I find myself on a Saturday afternoon inside of Toysrus. I never ever find anything descent but for once I lucked out. Spotted the 2nd wave of Power Rangers Super Megaforce 5″ figures. We get some classic Reds from the past. Had to get Zeo Ranger V. Red Wildforce and Red Jungle Fury didn’t look too bad and I love how each figure isn’t reusing too manybody parts, especially in the glove and boots areas. Each of these sell for $9.99.




Snagged a couple of Marvel Legends Infinite Series Figures. 1st Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie which includes a Groot Build-A-Figure Part.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Gamora Figure

Next the Toysrus exclusive Cyclops with the X-Head design. I was never a Cyclops fan but ever since he killed Charles Xavier in the comics, I somewhat like his new black/red X-Head design. He includes a Build-A-Figure part for a very cool looking Jubilee. Each of these ML figures are $21.99. Ouch.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Cyclops X Head Figure


Adventures in Toy Shopping: Power Rangers Super Megaforce 5″ Red Ranger

11 01 2014

If you read my Yellow Ranger review then this pretty much the same kind deal, we’re just dealing with the Red Ranger.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce 5 Red Ranger 01

Power Rangers Super Megaforce 5 Red Ranger 02

Power Rangers Super Megaforce 5 Red Ranger 03

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Power Rangers Super Megaforce 5″ Yellow Ranger

9 01 2014

Target stores across the country are revamping their action figure aisle with new 2014 brands. Among them are the NEW Power Rangers Super Megaforce toys. I was lucky enough to be at my local location this morning as these new 5 inch figures arrived. I’m a big yellow ranger fan so I decided to just get her. Packing is nothing stellar in its design. No bio or even names of the characters on the back of the card, I find that kinda disappointing. I find it funny its says ‘Action Hero’ on the front.

Bandai Super power Rangers Megaforce yellow ranger 01

The figure itself is pretty descent. She has a nice female physique. The hands and feet seem oversized though.

Bandai Super power Rangers Megaforce yellow ranger 02

The paint app work is very good. Good uses of gold and silver are cleanly applied.

Bandai Super power Rangers Megaforce yellow ranger 04

The weapons are nicely sculpted but basic black in color. Kinda expected that.


Priced at $7.99 at Target, these a pretty nice if your a fan of Super Megaforce or Gokaiger.

Bandai Super power Rangers Megaforce yellow ranger 06

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Power Rangers Super Megaforce is Here

22 11 2013

Walked into my local Toysrus (San Jose, CA: Monterey Hwy) and spotted the Power Rangers SUPER Megaforce island display. On display were the new deluxe legendary morpher, 3 different ranger action figures (red, blue, green), FX sword (with SMF blue ranger key) , and Super Megaforce Megazord (with exclusive SMF red ranger key).


I decided to snag the new Deluxe Legendary Morpher that comes with a Super Megaforce Red Ranger key and a classic MMPR Red Ranger key. Priced at $29.99.

DX Legendary Morpher 01

DX Legendary Morpher 02

DX Legendary Morpher 03

DX Legendary Morpher 06

DX Legendary Morpher 05

DX Legendary Morpher 04

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Bandai Power Rangers Megaforce 2″ Battle Ready Mini-Figures

17 02 2013

These caught my eye at Target this morning while I was doing some shopping. They are 2 inch tall Super Deformed style figures priced at $3.99 (Target) that come in blind bags. This particular series covers the Power Ranger Megaforce team but also features Mighty Morphin Power Ranger chase figures that are blacked out on the backside of the packaging.

Power Ranger Mega Force Battle Ready Mini Figures Packaging

I picked up a couple. Here’s the Robo Knight. Each figure includes battlecard that can be read by the downloadable Card Reader App (iOs or Andriod) for your mobile phone or the DX Gosei Morpher toy. You also get a fold out checklist for all the other figures in the series that are also picture on the packaging. A downside I learned about these figures coming in blind bags is that some of the parts, specifically the weapons can get bent in odd positions. You would need to dip the figure in hot water for 40 seconds or hit it with a blow dryer to soften up the plastic to get it straight again.

Power Ranger Mega Force Battle Ready Mini Figures Robo Knight

I lucked out with my second figure and got the beloved MMPR Red Ranger. Its a shame the red diamond on his gloves and boots aren’t painted in.

Battle Ready Mini MMPR RED Ranger 01

Battle Ready Mini MMPR RED Ranger 02

Battle Ready Mini MMPR RED Ranger 03

Battle Ready Mini MMPR RED Ranger 05

Battle Ready Mini MMPR RED Ranger 04

Around noon that same day, I ended up going back to the same Target store hoping to get a Megaforce Yellow but ended up getting a duplicate Robo Knight.  I guess that’s the risk you take by playing the blind bag game. I was determined though, I hit a different Target store for another bag but I spotted this 6 pack set for $19.99. This was even better because you obviously get what you want, all the figures are in better condition, and the packaging looks sweet for display purposes.

Power Ranger Mega Force Battle Ready Mini Figures Box Set

A friend of mine tracked down a Yellow Ranger for me. Was so happy to have one out of package.

Power Rangers Megaforce Yellow Ranger Battle Ready Mini Figure 01

Power Rangers Megaforce Yellow Ranger Battle Ready Mini Figure 02

Overall, these figures look really cool for what they are. I wouldn’t recommend these to collectors who aren’t into the SD style of design but Power Ranger fans just might enjoy them to a degree.