R401 Hasbro Marvel Legends Angela Action Review

18 02 2017

The lost sister of Thor joins the Hasbro’s Marvel Legends action figure line. This bounty hunting angel is amazingly sculpted with phenomenal paint apps. Features a dynamic articulation system complimented with a sword and 2 axes. Priced at about $20.







R224 Hasbro Walmart Thor The Mighty Avenger Movies Series: Thor 6″ Action Figure Review

8 09 2012

Released in conjunction to it’s live-action counterpart exclusively through Walmart, this Hasbro 6″ scale movie version of Thor is one impressively sculpted action figure. Standing closer to 7″, Thor includes a movie accurate sculpt complete with his hammer Mjolnir. One of the toughest Walmart Exclusives to find for a descent price not just because of it’s scale but because of the battle helmet head sculpt briefly seen in the live-action movie.

R119 Hasbro Thor The Mighty Avenger: Hammer Smash Thor Action Figure Review

3 03 2012

Prefer movie Thor with his helmet? Then pick up this figure.

R109 Hasbro Marvel Universe Thor Action Figure Review

29 02 2012

The God of Thunder in his newly updated costume design.