R229 Bandai S.H. Figuarts Go-Busters Red Buster Action Figure Review

6 10 2012

So excited. Got my Bandai S.H. Figuarts Go-Busters Red Buster order from CS Toys Intentional today after 5 days from placing my order. It’s an amazing looking action figure which includes extra hands, 2 versions of the Ichigan Buster, and Sougan Blade. Highly poseable, made of top quality plastic and sculpted to perfection.

R209 Bandai HD Sentai Alpha Go-Busters Wave 1 Trading Figure Review

17 06 2012

Bandai’s HD Sentai Alpha trading figures returns with the 2012 Super Sentai team: Go-Busters. The 1st wave features Red, Blue, Yellow Busters, along with Cheeda Nick, these figures are amazing. Based off body scans of the real suit actors, the sculpting is super impressive. Each figure comes is a fixed pose, average about 4 inches tall and includes a build-a-part to form Usada Lettuce. A set of these figures goes for about $35 (eBay).

Photo Review: Bandai Go-Busters Sentai Alpha Trading Figures

31 05 2012

One of the Bandai’s best trading figures lines is the Sentai Alpha series. They are equal in scale with Star Wars action figures and are sculpted based off real scans of the Go-Busters suit actors. They are super detailed with top notch sculpting and fine paint application. There 4 figures in the first wave and sell for about $10 each: Red, Blue, Yellow Busters & Cheeda Nick. What’s cool about this first wave is that each figure contains a build-a-figure part for Usada. Unfortunately, I learned about this cool build-a-figure feature after I received my order of just the Go-Buster figures. Need to order Cheeda Nick.

R191 Bandai MBAF Go-Busters Red Buster & Cheeda Nick Action Figure Set Review

14 04 2012

Busters…Ready…GO! Check out this awesome Bandai Action Figure set. This the MBAF (Morphing Bike and Figure) set featuring Red Buster and a transformable Cheeda Nick from the 2012 Super Sentai Series Go-Busters. Red Buster includes the Ichigan Buster and Sougan Blade. A very cool set for about $45. Got mine at http://www.cstoysjapan.com

The Haul 4-4-2012

4 04 2012

So I got all my online orders earlier today. I’ll be doing video reviews on all of them except the Go-Busters gashapon figures.

Bandai S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan 3 Son Gokou & Ultra-Act Ultraman Dyna Flash Type

Bandai Go-Busters Gashapon 3.25″ Figures Set

Go-Busters: Red Buster & Cheeda Nick set