R307 Marvel Legends Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 Action Figure Review

11 01 2014

Marvel Legends 2014 Infinite Series kicks off into high gear with its Amazing Spider-Man 6″ action figures. The headlining figure of the wave is Spidey based off the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie design. Features a more classic comic book look, he includes a pair of alternate web shooting hands, and a Build-A-Figure part for the Green Goblin. An Awesome sculpt overall with very nice articulation. Retails for about $16 (Target, toysrus).

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 01

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 02

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 03

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 04

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 06

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 05

Adventures in Toy Shopping: Hasbro Marvel Legends Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker)

7 08 2013

Always awesome to add a new Spider-Man figure to my collection. Picked up Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker, clone of Spider-Man) as part Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon Series.

scarlet spider 01

He’s basically a repaint of the Big Time Spider-Man mold. Good mold to reuse.

scarlet spider 04

scarlet spider 02

His design is very simplistic. Black and Red with your Spider logos.

scarlet spider 03

Not at all a bad figure to add to any Spidey collector’s shelf. (about $14.99, Target)

hasbro scarlet spider 08

R263 Medicom Toy MAFEX Amazing Spider-Man Movie Figure Review

10 05 2013

Medicom Toy breaks into the action figure market with their MAFEX series. What better way to start off the line with movie version of the Amazing Spider-Man. Standing about 6.5″ tall, this figure is made of high quality plastic and movie accurate design/sculpting. The most impressive feature is in the articulation system. Nearly identical to Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts line, this Spidey can be posed in the most dynamic ways possible. He includes a variety of extra hands, 3 web lines, and a clear plastic display stand. Pretty price at about $55 (bigbadtoystore.com) but this figure definitely delivers like no other Spider-Man action figure has ever done…quite possibly the best articulated Spidey to date.

Medicom MAFEX Amazing Spider-Man 01

This figure sculpting has a movie accurate physique.

Medicom MAFEX Amazing Spider-Man 02

He stands just a bit taller than previous movie based Spidey figures. [Toy Biz Spider-Man 2 movie to the left & Hasbro Amazing Spider-Man Movie to the right]

Medicom MAFEX Amazing Spider-Man 05

The articulation system is amazing and is very similar to Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts series.. Flexibility is outstanding.

Medicom MAFEX Amazing Spider-Man 03

There wasn’t any pose I really couldn’t put this guy through. If you saw it in the movie, you can get it here.

Medicom MAFEX Amazing Spider-Man 04

With extra hands, web lines, and a display stand, this is a Spidey figure that will change the action figure game. Hasbro…you’ve been warned.

Medicom MAFEX Amazing Spider-Man 06

R252 Marvel Select Classic Venom Action Figure Review

24 02 2013

This is definitely one of the best figures Marvel Select has ever released by releasing one of Marvel’s most popular anti-heroes, the classic Venom. He scales 7 inches tall, amazingly sculpted, and includes a variety of extra accessories. His pose-ability reminds me of Mattel’s DC Classics action figures. Priced at about $20 and is available through many US comic book shops as well as Amazon.

Marvel Select Venom 01

Marvel Select Venom 02

Marvel Select Venom 04

Marvel Select Venom 05

Marvel Select Venom 06

R244 Hasbro Ultimate Spider-Man Animated: Human Rocket Nova 6″ Action Figure Review

10 02 2013

Hasbro’s first wave of 6″ Ultimate Spider-Man Animated figures are here. Here’s the Human Rocket known as Nova. The figured is nicely sculpted but that’s all I can really say that’s positive. Watch the video and see what I think overall. Priced at $14.99 (Toysrus)

R243 Hasbro Ultimate Spider-Man Animated: Ultra Strike Spider-Man 6″ Action Figure Review

10 02 2013

Hasbro’s 1st wave of 6″ Ultimate Spider-Man Animated figures are here. This is the Ultra Strike Spider-man. He’s the only figure in the 1st wave that’s labeled ‘Super Poseable’ but I’d hardly call him ‘Super.’ Priced at $14.99 (Toysrus)

Adventures in Toy Shopping & Today’s Arrivals : A lot more than Usual

6 02 2013

1st off, stopped by my local Toysrus and spotted series 1 of Hasbro’s Ultimate Spider-Man 6″ action figures. Only picked up the Ultra Strike Spidey which had Super Pose-ability and Nova. Priced at $14.99 each. Steep, especially for non-plastic shell protected figures. Passed on Iron Spider and a darker colored version of Spidey with less articulation.

Hasbro Ultimate Spider-man 6" series Ultra Strike Spider-Man

Hasbro Ultimate Spider-man 6" series Human Rocket Nova 0

Through UPS, my Volfogg and Terry Bogard came in. Really excited. Video reviews to come 🙂

Robot Chogokin GaoGaiGar Volfogg

Bandai D-Arts Terry Bogard