Adventures in Toy Shopping: Hasbro Marvel Legends Steve Rogers

27 11 2012

Another tough figure to find in the Marvel Legends is Steve Rogers. The former Captain America (at the time) donned a new uniform and became more of a secret agent than a star spangled Avenger.

Awesome packaging by Hasbro with art by Ed McGuinness.

The figure is awesome. Cool looking costume, nice colors, and great looking head sculpt.

He includes his shield and 2 handguns.

Shield can peg into his back.

If you’re a Cap fan this is one for you.


Adventures in Toy Shopping: Hasbro Marvel Legends Big Time Spider-Man

27 11 2012

The hardest of the Hasbro’s Arnim Zola Marvel Legends series is this Big Time Spider-Man. It’s been months since it 1st released and I spotted one the shelf at my local Target.

Box is very cool and I love the Spidey illustration by Ed McGuinness.

Overall, this figure sports a very green than black Spider-Man.

A closer look at his spider logos. You can also see the overpowering green that surrounds the logos. That color should be black in my opinion.

Much of this figure uses older parts like from the Black Spider-Man from the Target Exclusive Red Hulk series. The new parts are the head, forearms, hands, lower legs, and feet.

R225 Hasbro Walmart The Amazing Spider-Man Movie 6 inch Action Figure Review

19 09 2012

Exclusively released through Walmart stores comes the 6 inch Amazing Spider-Man Movie action figure. Includes display stand and 3 web lines, this figure is ready to join your 6″ Marvel Legends action figure collection. Sporting a movie accurate sculpt, figure is highly poseable. Watch the video and see if this worth your money.

R224 Hasbro Walmart Thor The Mighty Avenger Movies Series: Thor 6″ Action Figure Review

8 09 2012

Released in conjunction to it’s live-action counterpart exclusively through Walmart, this Hasbro 6″ scale movie version of Thor is one impressively sculpted action figure. Standing closer to 7″, Thor includes a movie accurate sculpt complete with his hammer Mjolnir. One of the toughest Walmart Exclusives to find for a descent price not just because of it’s scale but because of the battle helmet head sculpt briefly seen in the live-action movie.

R210 Hasbro Walmart The Avengers Movie Captain America 6″ Action Figure Review

24 06 2012

Only available through Walmart stores, Hasbro’s Avengers Movie 6 inch action figures includes the 1st Avenger: Captain America. Suited in his modern uniform and includes his trusty shield, this figure is very well sculpted and accurate to his live-action counterpart. Highly pose-able for dynamic posing and includes a custom display base, this figure is ready to due battle against Loki and his army of space aliens. Goes for about $15.

R128 Hasbro Walmart Exclusive 6″ Iron Man 2: Mark IV Action Figure Review

3 03 2012

Exclusive released through Walmart.

R107 Toybiz Marvel Legends Face Off: Captain America Action Figure Review

3 03 2012

From Toybiz’s Marvel Legends Face Off 2-Pack series comes the 1st Avenger Captain America (Steve Rogers).