Today’s Arrivals: Turbo Beyond

21 09 2014

A couple of cool surprises thanks to good buddies of mine.

First up, the Total Heroes Ultra Series Batman Beyond from Includes alternate heads of Terry and Bruce along with cool add-ons and a little Atom figure.

DC Total Heroes Ultra Batman Beyond 00

DC Total Heroes Ultra Batman Beyond 01

DC Total Heroes Ultra Batman Beyond 03

The much sough after Bandai Super Megaforce Red Turbo Ranger figure finally joins my collection. One of my favorite designs for Red Ranger.

Red Turbo Ranger Super Megaforce Bandai 01



Adventures in Toy Shopping: Power Up!

9 08 2014

It’s rare I find myself on a Saturday afternoon inside of Toysrus. I never ever find anything descent but for once I lucked out. Spotted the 2nd wave of Power Rangers Super Megaforce 5″ figures. We get some classic Reds from the past. Had to get Zeo Ranger V. Red Wildforce and Red Jungle Fury didn’t look too bad and I love how each figure isn’t reusing too manybody parts, especially in the glove and boots areas. Each of these sell for $9.99.




Snagged a couple of Marvel Legends Infinite Series Figures. 1st Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie which includes a Groot Build-A-Figure Part.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Gamora Figure

Next the Toysrus exclusive Cyclops with the X-Head design. I was never a Cyclops fan but ever since he killed Charles Xavier in the comics, I somewhat like his new black/red X-Head design. He includes a Build-A-Figure part for a very cool looking Jubilee. Each of these ML figures are $21.99. Ouch.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Cyclops X Head Figure