R257 DC Collectibles Batman Arkham City Nightwing Action Figure Review

16 03 2013

DC Collectibles releases Nightwing into their Batman Arkham City action figure line. Nightwing sports a video game accurate design and comes equipped 2 night sticks. Standing about 6 inches tall, made of good tough plastic, does DC Collectibles deliver with this knight of Gotham City? Can it measure up to Mattel’s DC Classics line? Watch to find out. Priced at about $24.99 and available through most US comic shops.


Preview: Mattel Young Justice 6″ Batman Action Figure

2 04 2012

Hey folks,

A buddy of mine got a hold of the Young Justice 6″ Batman Action Figure (out of package, no accessories) and was awesome enough to get me one. To help accent some of the details, I took a .005 black ink pen to add panel lining to his mouth and ab area. Here are a few preview pictures taken with my iPad2. Video review will be coming for this awesome figure.

R173 Mattel Young Justice 6″ Superboy Action Figure Review

19 03 2012

Check out Superboy (Solar Suit) in Mattel’s 6 inch Young Justice toy line. Features a Cadmus Diorama and couple of weapons. Retails for $20.

R164 Mattel Young Justice 6″ Red Arrow Action Figure Review

15 03 2012

One of the best design Red Arrow figures to date. Include a DC Clasics articulation, ar ooftop display and variety of different arrows. Priced at $20 at your local toy retailer.

R129 SDCC 2011 Mattel Young Justice Superboy with Cloning Chamber

3 03 2012

This is a very cool San Diego Comic-Con 2011 exclusive. This is includes a 4″ Superboy, Light Effect Cloning Chamber, and 3 Gnomorphs.

R40 DC Direct Ame Comi Wonder Girl PVC Statue

14 02 2012

Anime twist in design for Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark) in this PVC Statue from DC Direct.

R37 Mattel Young Justice Robin 5.5″ Action Figure Review

14 02 2012

This version of Robin (Dick Grayson) is in scale with the DC Classics line. Includes a variety of weapons/accessories and a nice rooftop diorama. $19.99